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...the wide world of Invertebrates  

welcome in a fantastic journey into the wide world of invertebrates (& cie... well couldn't do without a few reptiles n' amphibians)
Some fascinating moments captured from birth to death, through romance and battles, and some fantastic visual pearls !  A lot to discover and learn from those wonderful pictures as well.
*** many hidden treasures with low comments and :+fav: in there ! please give them the attention they deserved)

:bulletgreen: please :+favlove: if you like or think some other might enjoy it.
it will make hoursss spend on this worth it. thank you :hug:

now, here's the story ...  hope you'll enjoy it !  :aww:

beginning of life...
(love & reproduction)

Burnet acrobats by MessiahKhan Cassida sp. by Dark-Raptor
Raghonycha Fulva by buleria :thumb90427734:
Sugar Love by SauriaMami :thumb90482010:
Double-deck by Soczi Take me by KorneliooS
oh oh by KorneliooS Lovers in green by Sculptoris
Make Sex not Love by derJake :thumb87975465:
:thumb90432408: :thumb29185005:
Damselfly making love.... by avdstelt Making Love... by caro77
Bug Love by Sweet-Phobia copulation by MartinAmm

birth, new born & rebirth

birth details by MartinAmm birthday by MartinAmm
Newborn by closer-to-heaven sweet baby 2 by juliush
:thumb67056290: sweet baby by juliush
Metamorphosis by thrumyeye Rupsje Nooit Genoeg..... by thrumyeye
hanging by MartinAmm escape by MartinAmm
Baby Grasshopper by darou Baby Mothra 2 by PLouie
:thumb24186450: :thumb36926802:
Snail-Back Ride by YellowEleven new life by HMsa

lunch time
(eating & pollenating)

Again dirty face by Soczi 'Weevils last breath' by macrojunkie
Sirphus Vitripennis by buleria Polistes Galicus by buleria
Icneumon wasp by buleria ants by buleria
Dinner Time by hellfirediva They were here first by Soczi
wasp_5 by macrojunkie Feeding pollen to mantids _3 by macrojunkie
colours of life 59 by juliush :thumb17973768:
A purple sugary drink by MessiahKhan Eternal embrace by MessiahKhan
Flutter-by by Delacorr Skeleton Closet by gilad
:thumb40202274: Pollenating Season by asianrabbit

into environment

9 Wasp Guardian by Superflight Married to nature by MessiahKhan
Nature's Jewel Pt II by garion Just a Glance by Callu
:thumb24409912: Alone in the dark by Miracidium
final encounter by werol Science-fiction by devknu
:thumb64313193: Alien's nest by Miracidium
:thumb66763086: Dead Mother's Children by kurtywompus
Whazap? by Dark-Raptor White crab spider-1 by macrojunkie
Protector of the flame by MessiahKhan My little pad by Lycosa-Jones
On Top of the World. by thrumyeye Spiky 'n Black by thrumyeye
' Mummy ? ' by adubosc Fable by ahermin
Watching myself..... by avdstelt Little Red by xxbcxx

into action
(fighting, flying, working, etc)

:thumb65077744: :thumb86653847:
Strong ant by naybetx :thumb75904275:
last step by MartinAmm Crabspider with a ladybug by buleria
Tora Tora Tora by Dark-Raptor Ants.. by buleria
:thumb55504607: Fight by KorneliooS
004 by naybetx Macroglossum stellatarum 2 by naybetx
Clear for take-off by Lycosa-Jones For the Kids by poraschaudhary
Yellow Potter Wasp by poraschaudhary Insect vs Spider by Afri
Approaching Dragon by ernieleo :thumb61547934:

poses and scenes
funny, surprising or interesting

:thumb27782150: :thumb51349252:
178 oOOo by viedymin Courage. by solagratia
Gypsy Moth Pillar by Sonny2005 Meet Brunhilda by Dark-Raptor
Brunhilda by Dark-Raptor There by Soczi
Stand up by Dark-Raptor Saperda scalaris I by Dark-Raptor
wielkie zarcie 21 by juliush damselfly orgy by MystaPaul
colours of life 34 by juliush :thumb67010013:
Impaled by Sculptoris Jack fell down by MessiahKhan
Take a leap by Lycosa-Jones :thumb85535575:
Fasten your Seatbelts.... by thrumyeye Tussling.... by thrumyeye
:thumb39668970: Spider on grass by esecret

details, species or elements

:thumb37032727: red veined darter II by MartinAmm
Calculation by Miracidium UFO by Miracidium
Hows my Hair?? by Sonny2005 :thumb88032614:
Reflection by Dark-Raptor Wet wet wet by macrojunkie
:thumb55309465: Kiddy_01 by Sculptoris
:thumb25715193: final encounter by werol
Blue Eyes by nele102 Little Monster by sapog
Madagascar Moon Moth by thrumyeye Glow-in-the-Dark by thrumyeye
butterfly by sapog :thumb36979828:
:thumb65599621: Luna Light by UffdaGreg

zoom it!  

emerald damselfly portrait by MartinAmm horsefly by MartinAmm
When Im look into your eyes... by Chemical123 Peek-a-boo by Chemical123
WP: blue frog by stetre76 Brunhilda, much closer by Dark-Raptor
Wasp II by Dark-Raptor Lord butterfly by Soczi
Dorcus parallelopipedus II by Dark-Raptor moth series_4 by macrojunkie
DSC_0089 by Miracidium Hemidactylus turcicus by Dark-Raptor
Engineering by sapog :thumb85486807:
Not Dead Yet by bjigg :thumb21788954:


Baby Iris Oratoria by buleria Zygaena by buleria
:thumb56341852: orange tip pair by MartinAmm
wings by werol last flight III by prismes
Sistine Light by Callu :thumb34245126:
Million ways by Soczi :thumb50436668:
Ladybug by naybetx Rosy Butterfly by secondclaw
Snail by avdstelt Wings of Light by justinblackphotos
Sunfly by MountainPsyche

the end ...

The end by Dark-Raptor marble. by RowennaCox
Life and Death by Sculptoris :thumb18155880:
The deadly trap by MessiahKhan :thumb37681958:
Death by NotKnownPerson Dead by truthfulliar
smoking kills... flies?? by irrationalxlover Casualty of War... by niko-demus

hope you've enjoyed !
Aimelle :blowkiss:
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Thanks for featuring my photos :)
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This is so wonderful hunny!
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:D thank you dear :hug: glad you've enjoyed ^^
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You're very welcome! :) :hug:
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Thank you Aimelle!!
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Merci pour le support Aimelle :)
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Thank you for 4 features.
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:clap: Wow.
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Thanks for including me. :)
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thanks :rose:
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Fantastic collection. Thank you for featuring my works... I really appreciate!
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this is astonishing
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thank you so much...good work :)
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thank you :butterflytwo: :)
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Its Absolutely Amazing… :clap:
Great Work… :bow:
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thanks! thanks! thanks! :boogie:
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great collection!!!!
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Very nice selection of features, however frogs are not invertebrates.
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AimelleProfessional General Artist
thank you
yes, this is why I've written that there would be some exceptions with amhibians ^^
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Thanks for the feature!
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Thanks for givin my pic in this beautiful collection :)
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I love the way you have presented this :)

Thank you very much for the inclusion, I am very honoured :)
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my pleasure. I'm glad you liked the News
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