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TARDIS karaoke room

just a silly comic from Doctor who with Ten, Jack, Martha and Donna. The song is Boston's "More Than a Feeling".
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>/////////////< MORE THAN A FEEEEEEELIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN!! :iconsingingplz:
God this. XD It makes me really happy~
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*laughs until I start snorting*
Amazing-person-yes's avatar
OI! Give it a rest, spaceman!
rababco's avatar
It doesn't seem like The Doctor is a very good singer. Martha, be more understanding for once. Donna's hilarous in this. Your a good animator.
regates's avatar
:rofl: YES! Go Jack! :D
712213's avatar
ahahahahahaha!! that is brilliant!
AbigailRoses's avatar
Hahahahhaha LOVE. And his tie is on his head, like when he is "drunk" in GWTF. Hahaha

On a side note, I wonder if the Doctor is a good singer....

Probably not.
aimeekitty's avatar
probably not. :)
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Donna Noble remines me so much of my mother. LOL! no really she does XD
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YAY drunk doctor with tie on his head !!! :D always bring a :iconbananasplz: to a party
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Excellent comic! "More than a feeling"! And the ending with Donna is... fantastic!
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She's totally bovvered.
aimeekitty's avatar
I can't stop laughing at this.
Jack is definitely my favorite part :)
TazyCullen's avatar
the doctors just jelous that donnas ginger and hes not! :D
fishcustard16's avatar
Aw, Jack with the lighters! Cheering him on still won't get you into his pants, Mr. Harkness!
Magik1024's avatar
Actually, I miss Rose too sometimes...
I'm in love with your style, especially how you drew Jack, lol.
hitokugutsu299's avatar
The center of so many side plots, the karaoke room...

Honestly, it has never actually shown up in my plots, but the thought has always amused me. Ten-nant can sing. Ten himself, I'm not sure about.
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I love the fact that Jack felt the need for TWO lighters. As if waving one around wasn't dangerous enough. XD
SunRise1356's avatar
Brilliantly Clever! LOVE. IT.
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hahaha thats awesome :XD:
SoulLostAtSea's avatar
Donna is SPOT on! :clap:
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