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September 13, 2009
The suggester wrote, "Nerf Maverick Steampunk Mod by ~aimeekitty is one of the most impressive customizations I have ever seen, and certainly the most astounding modification of a Nerf gun that I have ever laid eyes on. The gorgeous colors that call to mind the fantastic nature of the genre, the realistic tarnish and battle damage effects, the additions of bulk that look like they were always meant to be there; all of these are flawlessly executed to create a practically seamless piece that is stunning to behold."
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Nerf Maverick Steampunk Mod



This is a Nerf gun that I modded and painted.

(Yes, it still shoots!)

You can see another pictures of it here:

and then the costume I made to wear with it is here:

Basically I took some scraps I had laying around, including some of old costume jewelry, buttons, a wall socket and a wooden thimbly thing... and glued them onto the gun.
I glued with e6000 glue, but I used the hotglue gun to make a few accent bits around the socket with glue and to fill in a few parts.
(If you look for pictures of "nerf maverick" online you can see the original shape/style of the gun.)

I sanded off some of the "NERF" insignia (but not all).
I also took a knife to the gun and cut gouges into it to give it "battle damage".

Then I spraypainted it with automotive primer paint, and then spraypainted it with brown paint (which was the color base.)
Then I took gold paint and rubbed it on the gun with my fingers. This brought out the raised areas of the gun and made it look old.
I used a metallic aqua acrylic for the accent parts.
Then I sealed the gun.

The last step was adding the untarnished parts which are clock gears, a piece of dichroic glass and a few more bits of costume jewelry.
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I wonder if crafters still have access to this model. I suppose if they're still out there they make do with some modern product or commit to making pieces from scratch.

Should have cut and filed the product name off the armature.