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And this was exactly why I hated this. I wonder now what the fan base would have been without her being inserted into the canon. Smaller? It wasn't until I sat through a Carpool Critics review with Linus that I realized why so much fiction involves a romance, marriage, child birth, family building. If it's as bad as it was suggested in the recollection during the review then a whole swath of humanity is detached unless relationship pairing is involved... I can see why my mother spends so much time complaining about this sort of thing as I've gotten older. It's as if there is a lack of respect for life and pursuits when it doesn't involve sex and child rearing. When you look at it, from the beginning of recollection to the terminal moments before it all ends, so much time is not involved in intimate relationships. Endless time before puberty, the missteps through out, wrong choices and people, those who never have anyone, those who lose someone, those who never wanted at all. The long, long years of life after children grow up and drift away. Divorce, partner death, the change in people and self finding that nether of you are similar people.

Soul mates seems like such a false premise for a lot of people. You develop this certainty with one person only to have that belief cracked over time or all at once. I would have been happy to have it stay that way for this character only because their reason for continuing on was good enough. A relationship was going to be a problem or in the long run extraneous icing on the cake that would one day be lost. In that it's not worth having the icing, as I've felt for my self before. Besides, there are always new characters, faces who give then go having made their short term contribution. The same with us when so very few people will long, if not forever, be near at hand as a friend or companion. I enjoyed decades of this character and this show not having ever wanted or considered an intimate partner. Again, having seen where it went it would have been better had it never happened. She left the show and her character the universe. All future female companions would end up being measured by that relationship, many being nudged forward as having been interested. Why? This isn't high school courting. It had always felt right as before. The lead was always very old and a teacher and father to his responsibilities. He was never fucking them off screen... or wanting to.

Supposedly this show had originally been composed as a children's science serial. It did in time lose it's design for trying to inform and delved into the full imaginings of science fiction. But along with that it was woven through multiple eras and while often seeming adult it was never trivial or involved the salacious. It quoted certain modern failings, troubles maybe. It never involved sex. It wasn't needed. Even if it had been designed for a young audience or burgeoning on adulthood back then it would not have engaged in these tropes. If it had I don't think my family ever would have introduced it to my childhood. But for some reason, as the children of boomers and Xers who strained against the harness they think, as writers and producers that young people require as much sexual pandering as possible. As it stands now we have no drought, no absence of tension and release. We must have just as much "will they or won't they" as explosions, caped flying idiots and end of the world plots. I'm honestly tired of all these things. At some point I must go watch the old things once again. Unless I'm mistaken long ago when didn't have to give lip service to the big questions and answers. They didn't need to get married any more than the whole world or universe being at stake.

I'm not sure what changed and when, who and how many thought it was a good decision. I'm betting it involved focus groups.