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Minions 2: Download

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Published: September 7, 2010
© 2010 - 2020 aimee5
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You can download Minions 2 in a single zipped file here, consisting of 49 separate jpegs.

---> DOWNLOAD (5.49MB)

Many thanks to ~joulester for coloring this comic for me!

This comic is listed on OnlineComics.net, and mirrored at Smackjeeves.com

Minions 2 usage rules:
- You can download and share the .zip file for non-commercial purposes.
- Please do not redistribute the separate jpeg files, or create a mirror site for viewing the files.
- Please don't redistribute outside of Deviant Art, without my permission.
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HanieMohdProfessional General Artist
congrats on the DD! well worth it I say :)
Raylorn's avatar
RaylornStudent General Artist
I love this!!! :D
Where can I read the first issue?
joulester's avatar
joulester General Artist
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bokuSatchiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Interesting story, nice art, good job! : )
Number14's avatar
This is sooooo cute, Aimee! ^^ Luv it!
SimpleLie's avatar
wow this is an interesting story! :3
Darc-Axl's avatar
well i like artwork and i'm going to fav/dwnld it 4 l8r
Clairvoire's avatar
Devilchild93's avatar
awesome, looks good.
AnnieDraws's avatar
Incredibly imaginative and professionally done, I love it!
Thiefoworld's avatar
Reading it right now, haha liking it so far. Congrats on the DD! :)
jellyfish3232's avatar
jellyfish3232Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Incredible, very nicely done!
I. Want. A sequel. NOW.
Alex-Hammond's avatar
Alex-HammondStudent Traditional Artist
I see minions 2 but where is minions 1?
aimee5's avatar
Still deciding what I'm going to do with Minions 1.
ScreamingTc's avatar
Anything small, furry and psychotic is fine by me. :)
Zero8426's avatar
Zero8426 Digital Artist
so awesome lol
YaYaOo's avatar
YaYaOoStudent Digital Artist
wow really nice coloring and story!
YaYaOo's avatar
YaYaOoStudent Digital Artist
i'm downloading! looking forward to read it!
it seem pretty awesome -_^
contratulations for the daily deviation!!
Mystafreya's avatar
MystafreyaStudent Digital Artist
It's nice and all, but I have some gripes.

This is just a personal thing, but I'm not a fan of the lines. They're not tapered, and I think they're too thick. I mean, I can take an eraser and taper off the ends of the lines, so having a tablet has nothing to do with it.

The detail in the back is good, but it's too detailed for whatever style this is -- anime? cartoon? what? -- so it's very out of place. Also the fact that you yourself didn't even color it kind of takes away from the whole DD novelty, because usually they're pieces an artist has worked on on their own. It's hard work, coloring is harder than lines. Lines take me like 10-20 minutes for a comic, and the coloring will take me hours :/

And I know professionals pay people to color their work, but I don't think this is professional IMHO. I have friends that go out of their way and beyond to make their comics, and they're absolutely stunning -- all made by themselves only.

Do I think this is good or OK? Yes.
Do I think it deserves a DD? No.

and I know you can't help it, but I do hope the one that featured this sees this.

Oh well. ~*~*OPINIONS~*~*
joulester's avatar
joulester General Artist
Hi, Mystafreya. Thanks for your opinion. I'll reply to this feedback because I feel that it is also addressed to me.

First of all, I acknowledge that this is a personal opinion by you, and I appreciate the fact that you're willing to share your experiences here in your comment. Therefore this reply is personally from me to you, and also everyone else who reads this because I choose for it to be so, and I believe it'll benefit all. I'll also be straightforward here, since you're also quite straighforward in your comments.

Let me just say how astonished I am by your knowledge, and I truly pity you, because you are being made so rigid. Let me tell you, With all your precious knowledge of do's and don't's, do you realise that you've absurdly and needlessly restraint yourself in a field that's driven by freedom?

Why be preoccupied with so many empty and pointless 'wisdom' and rules that prove absolutely nothing, except for 'I can't do it' and 'it cannot be done' and 'it's impossible'?

Do you you so strongly believe in world standards? World standards like 10-20 minutes for line? World standards like paying professionals must be paying others to colour their work? World standards like 'anime'? 'Cartoon'?

Oh by the way, pray explain what is your definition of 'cartoon' here. I'd like to know from you because after working 4 years in the animation industry, it's intersting that someone pointed it out here as a 'style'.

Please, friend. Realise this:

World standards don't last.

The so-called 'professionals' that you hold so dear, they don't last. After the human trend that they thrive in passes, they're no more.

World standards only prove how much we CANNOT DO, and not vice versa!

I pity you because you cannot see many beautiful possibilities blooming. You restrict, impound, chain, and ground yourself to invisible, unproven LAW. You segregate yourself from success. And you unknowingly pull others down with you with all that you know. You're an idea killer and a legend killer. That's like going to prison and pulling others to prison with you.

What's more, you segregate yourself from success and you do it to others too, including those whom you don't know at all. This baffles me.

One, two or more people collaborate to come up with a good piece of work, what does it matter? Do you think all the great stuff in this world are developed by only one person?

I urge you: grow up, and yank yourself from this killer mindset and take a look at all the great things around you that is POSSIBLE. I believe anything can be done, anything is POSSIBLE.
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kangel General Artist
If you really wanted the person who featured this to see your message it would have been much more appropriate to message me. While you're completely entitled to your own opinion and free to voice it, the artist didn't give themselves the DD so it doesn't achieve much writing on their work.

Plenty of artists collaborate in comics, whether their professional or otherwise. Even if this wasn't coloured I'd have still featured it, the story was interesting and I enjoyed reading it and thought others would too. While you may take 10-20 minutes on line art, everyone's different. 48 pages of comic takes a lot of time and effort even if you are quick at one aspect.

If you still have an issue with this being a DD please contact me personally through a note.
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Hey, if I download it, is it alright if I distribute it to /b/? Yes, I know, that sounds rude, but they may like it, and if they do I could link them to you and you could get more attention.
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