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Yuumen (Basically bad end Scyn) + update

After hiding his feelings for so long under a poker face, one particular moment led him to break his mask and drove him into a mass persona change. He no longer communicates to any one of his 'friends' and spends his time with Timelines that has negative outcomes. To cope with his endless frustration and sadness, he indulges himself with his Sin embodiment 'Gluttony'. Because of that, the 'Taotie' inside him starts to corrupt his body, causing him to have a more monstrous appearance according to the mythic beast. He will not show himself to other people in the system, and is not planning to.

He is the protector of the 'Bad End Timelines', and he does not like meeting his parallel self, to which the parallel self respects.


This is just a concept art of a certain character of mine. It's still a wip, obviously xD It's not colored after all.
This guy won't show much in the comics, but hey, it's good to be aware, right? :]

Also, life update, I know I barely even post art anymore. I'm incredibly aware of that... er.. I apologize. Anyway, I won't make any more promises that i can't keep. I've made a lot in the past, and i noticed that it led me to burning myself out.. so i will continue to not do that anymore.

I do not post all of my art here anymore, but I am now active on twitter. a little bit. i've recently gotten into mcyt stuff, so if you like that, you can check it out.

also to those who are expecting the comics, do not worry. i will still be making those. i just cannot make them right now because the laptop broke and the drafts were just.. all gone x'D so I have to redraft them again.... urk..

right now, i'm just using a chromebook. As soon as i get some sort of device that i can plug the pentablet into, i will get straight into draftin.. maybe. depends.

anyway, i'll just be drawing some small art pieces. that's all i have to say i think.
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