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dA Comment Skin

Is this funny? Not? :mwahaha: - feel free to try/install and trick your friends. ;)

How to install:

If you like this skin; please shot :star: Add to Favourites and show your love. :hug:
  1. Click on Install button.
  2. Go to Submit > Write a Journal Entry
  3. Select "dA Comment Skin thumbnail" from the right-side.
  4. Click on "Edit Skin"
  5. At Skin Header: (Replace) :devusername: and :iconusername: with your login name.
  6. At Skin Header: (Replace) the talent with your Talent/Occupation (As written in your real comment box OR as you wish)
  7. At Skin Footer: (Add) your own signature or (Remove) everything from The Footer if you wish it is EMPTY.
  8. Click "Save" your changes to be applied for future use.
  9. Enjoy & take KitKat!

[Live Version]



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edit; opp just realized that you need core to edit it and I don't plan to buy core anymore :') still lovely tho!
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i love using this skin but for some reason the core icon isnt displaying for me? is it broken or am i doing something wrong TwT
AimanStudio's avatar
Hexfloog's avatar
Is there still no way to fix the core icon? :(  Does a workaround exist?
D0PPI0-CAT's avatar
maybe using soon uwu
Jxst-Solar's avatar
Jxst-Solar's avatar
ayesha can u tell me how to put my name and stuff
AyeItzAyeshax's avatar
pls stop copying me XD
Jxst-Solar's avatar
but everybody uses this skin and i was going to use this anyway
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Hey, I tried using a hmtl to add a imgae onto the skin but it wasnt working, 
not in the css code , but the body. 
Do you know why that could be?
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Can you send me a print-screen!
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Enjoy please 👍
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