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A complicated issue...
A complicated issue
"Why are you taking the long way?" Strauss asked the ghoul sitting at the driver's seat.
"There's some construction going on ahead and the traffic's high, sir. I'll turn left next, then right at 2nd Street and that should get us at the office in about ten minutes" he replied, horning at a stopped van in front of them.
"Patience, James. It's already noisy out here, you don't have to make my ears suffer more" he scolded him, frustrated. He propped his elbow on the car door, fingers on his left temple, supporting his head. With a mixture of boredom and discomfort depicted on his face, he stared nonchalantly out of the window. He disrelished going out of the chantry, especially when he had to cross the most disgraced part of LA, moving THAT slowly. He was starting to feel the beginning of another migraine. Squeezing the bridge of his nose he let out an unnecessary breath.
"My apologies, sir. I didn't mean to disturb you" the man trembled, watching his master's reaction
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I Took Your Coat by FabJenz I Took Your Coat :iconfabjenz:FabJenz 28 1
     Ο στριγκός ήχος της σειρήνας ανήγγειλε την αλλαγή της βάρδιας. Οι μεγάλες δίφυλλες πόρτες άνοιξαν και από τα σωθικά του εργοστασίου ξεχύθηκαν οι εργάτες της νυχτερινής βά
:iconlitsadav:litsadav 4 1
     Το διώροφο σπίτι αιμορραγούσε καθώς ο κόκκινος δίσκος του ήλιου έριχνε τις τελευταίες ακτίνες του πάνω στις παλιοκαιρισμένες πέτρες της πρόσοψης. Το ίδιο αιμορραγούσε και η καρδι
:iconlitsadav:litsadav 4 0
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Humiliation Round
They were both covered in blood, dust and sewer water, panting their lungs out and staring at each other with widened eyes.
The only difference seemed to be that one of them still had the privilege of his weapon.
Bandaged hands were up in the air- his gaze was pain and a strange kind of determination.
Sniper swore he heard him making the sound of a confused animal as he walked away from him, leaving him waist-high in sewer water, but alive.
During the following match, Sniper could swear the runner was trying to get each and every BLU team member before anybody else had the chance, except for him. His assumptions were soon confirmed when they essentially fell on each other in the courtyard and the runner tipped his hat down, over his eyes and ran past him.
He couldn't decide if the boy was plainly confused, or this was his way of showing gratitude.
"This isn't how the 'humiliation' round is supposed to work."
He had heard screams in the middle of the night and had rushed to find
:iconfoxyrainbow:FoxyRainbow 2 1
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nothing to say here.....



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