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Neji Huyga x Reader ~ Genius.. and dickhead
// A bit long story of You and Neji, some swearing included.
   Hope you like it! (: //

Another day – another battle. Another amazing opportunity!... to get your ass kicked. In short - another day wasted on hanging around your crush & the reason your whole body was aching after shared trainings. Even your longtime friend Tenten thought you were weird, but accepted the fact you were in love with genius, byakugan owner and arrogant pain in the ass - Neji Hyūga. She was the only one to know so far. You were determined to inform Neji too, but maybe after you win with him.
Which will occur never.
Since the day you realized he meant more than a friend you’ve tried your best to be worth of him. That’s why this morning you were heading towards the training fields - to meet Neji and Lee. Flashback of the memorable, rainy day came just when you remembered his name… This one time Neji acted different towards you (well, different from his regular s
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 9 8
Naruto x Reader ~ Wait a little longer
Hardly ever was Naruto this late. And stressed. It's not that he forgot - chores and trainings that Lady Hokage was coming up with today were endless. He was really well-prepared for today's evening. Unfortunately, all he was probalby going to get now was your anger...
He knocked slowly at your door. It's been already dark, so he could tell you were in because of the lights behind the curtains. He waited for a minute until he knocked once again. Still no sign of your presence. He freaked out immediately, thinking something bad must have happened to you. The door was opened in a second later. Blonde-haired boy rushed through your house, desparate to find you. And just when he was about to scream your name... He held his breath. You were on the couch, with only your shirt on. Naruto smiled reassurinlgy.
"(Y/n)?" he spoke with his soft voice.
No response. Only calm and very silent sound of your breath, which convinced him that you were simply sleeping. He came a bit closer, seeing yo
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 6 0
Privacy ~ Alec Lightwood x Reader
--   Quick one-shot with Alec Lightwood (:
--   I really hope you like it <3

There was no way you could sneak out of the institute today. Not with Alec Lightwood on the guard. He couldn’t stop wondering where you’ve been disappearing for the last couple of weeks. Each time you were wearing something unusually similar to Izzy’s clothes. Alec didn’t really bother what his sister wore, but since it was you looking gorgeous and going somewhere he couldn’t see you… Well, enough to say it was driving him crazy. Especially the idea that you could have been dating someone. He was getting angry every time this thought has slipped through his mind.
But today, Alec was already hidden near to your room. He was determined to learn the truth. Finally, you’ve opened the door and made your way towards the exit. Alec took a deep breath. You were looking really hot this evening: with tight cropped top that barely covered your breas
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 9 0
7 minutes in heaven ~ Jiraiya x Reader
...a pen. You had no idea who it belonged to.
“Okaaay” you said, picking up the item. “Who owns it?” you asked. Somebody suddenly tapped your shoulder. You turned around, but there was only Jiraiya next to you. Wait…
“J-Jiraiya-sama…?” you asked, suddenly frightened. He grinned and put the bag with items on the floor.
“Don’t be scared, it’ll be fun, I promise” he said reassuringly and guided you to the closet. “Somebody count the time and lock us properly!” he exclaimed, laughing and finally fit in with you in the dark closet. You were so close to him you felt his body pressed to yours. He was too well-build to be locked in such tiny place. Pervy Sage. And you. Going to make out. You could feel your cheeks and ears were getting extremely hot.
“(Y/n) don’t panic. I know what you may think about me…” he started with low, soft voice, gently holding your arms “… but I pro
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 9 9
7 minutes in heaven ~ Shikamaru x Reader
...a headband.
‘Oh no. No, no, no!’ you yelled in your head as blush covered your cheeks.
“Shikamaru! Perfect! You two can grumble in the closet if you want, you have seven minutes! Enjoy!”
You had no idea how Jiraiya managed to lock you with Shikamaru standing so close. You even felt his breath on your cheek.
“What a drag…” he said scratching the back of his head, when the doors closed, and you two were left alone with barely no light.
“Oh my, I’m sorry, this is just so stupid… What are we supposed to do?!” you yelled. Well… The idea came to you even though… You felt the heat coming to your cheeks.
“(Y/n), why are you blushing?” Shikamaru asked. ‘Heck, of course he noticed!’
“This is just awkward…” you muttered.
“Yeah, it is” he admitted. “But know what? I… Well, we can... play...if you want, I don’t mind… Your body’s tempera
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 11 4
7 minutes in heaven: Naruto ~ Intro (x Reader)
/* Intro to 7MIH with Naruto characters (:
    Hope you enjoy! */

“NO. WAY.”
Those two words were the first thing you said, when you saw your friend Ino. For the last few days she tried to convince you to join her on today’s the party at Jiraiya’s. You didn’t want to go, knowing you will end up included in some perverted game. Unfortunately your friend was very persuasive… Especially since she knew all your biggest secrets…
Ino’s preparations made you feel very uncomfortable. You weren’t used to be wearing short skirts, not talking about tops that barely covered your body. Your friend was also looking different this evening. She really wanted to go on date with Sai. Since Sasuke wasn’t her obsession anymore, she seemed more and more interested in Sai. She wanted you to come with her to give her some emergency advices. However, the only thing you could think about was how to not kill yourself in high heels. Jus
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 5 9
Tony x Reader - Youngblood
// No swearing, just you, Tony and some emotional one-shot.
I hope you like it (: //

     Remember the words you told me, "love me 'till the day I die?"
 You were looking down on the rainy street through the window in your warm office. People were so tiny from the sixth floor, all of them desperately trying to hide from the couple of droplets, all in a hurry, hiding from the cold, autumn wind… And here, in the middle of them were you. Staying longer in work and watching them all going home. You didn’t want to go back to your empty home, knowing there will be no one but you there. Knowing there will be no one knocking and entering your room with a playful smirk. No one saying he loves you… 
    Surrender my everything 'cos you made me believe you’re mine
You tried your best to focus on your work, but it was really hard. Somehow you believed your life was meaningless now. That yo
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 11 5
Quicksilver x Reader - Girls love kittens
//Reader x Pietro, some swearing included.
 Background: you're in toxic relationship, but luckily there's someone to save the day (: 
 Apologies for any mistakes.//

(Y/n) opened the door of Steve Rogers’ room and furiously slammed them, before he followed her. She literally stormed through the Stark Tower’s kitchen and left two males who were sitting there in surprise. Soon though, Steve run after her, yelling for her to wait.
“Who was that?” Pietro Maximoff asked. Despite the fact she looked angry, he was curious who the beautiful (h/c) haired girl was. His companion in the afternoon’s coffee was Tony Stark. The Iron Man didn’t even look at young Maximoff, as he was busy reading the newspaper.
“(Y/n) (y/s). She’s Capsicle’s relative. Some sister’s granddaughter or whatever. He takes care of her since her mother died couple of months ago” Stark explained. Pietro’s mind has already been running
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 22 4
I'd never want to hurt you - Jiraiya x Reader
"Hey! Baka! Come back here right now!" you heard someone shouting. It scared you a bit. Moments later you saw young blonde boy, Konoha shinobi, running for life. He just came out from some corner, so no wonder why he didn't saw you. He hit you just as strong as it was for you to fall.
"I'm sorry!" he exclaimed though he didn't even bother to stop.
"Baka kid" you muttered and was about to stand up when  someone hit you again. Big body had fallen onto yours, pinning you to the ground.
"Aww shit, what the hell?!" you yelled. "Get out of me!" you added just when you saw who was sitting on top of you. Well-build man with long white hair. He had red strips coming down from his eyes to the chin. You noticed a small smirk on his face.
"I'm sorry, ba... ma'am" he said, standing up and giving you a hand. You blushed and touched his warm, large hand. Heck, did you find him attractive? "I didn't mean to hurt you, I would never want so, I was just trying to catch my baka student" he explained,
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 52 10
Naruto x!LittleReaderx Kakashi - Paint
“You think that’s funny?” Kakashi asked gruffly. You smiled adorably with flickering eyes.
“Of course Kakashi-sensei!” you replied with your hands covered in paint. You giggled and tried to reach him once again. You were laughing as he was running away from you.
“______-chan, please don’t paint me!” he laughed, running around the house.
“I just will make your hair look younger sensei, let me!” you giggled trying to catch him. Just then you heard knocking at the door.
“I’ll open sensei!” you said and run towards the door, curious who might have come. You opened to see blonde-haired boy, a little taller than you.
“Hey, is there Kakashi-sensei?” he asked cheerfully. You found him cute and you giggled.
“Yes, he’s running away cause I’m gonna paint his hair!” you replied, showing your hands covered in yellow paint to the boy.
“Ah, I like the color! Good choice! I’m N
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 51 7
The new broken scene by ailyn147 The new broken scene :iconailyn147:ailyn147 7 0
5SOS x Reader ~ Oh Love: Calum
… deep brown orbs staring at you? You got scared and wanted to jump out of the bed, but suddenly your head hit something hard painfully. You heard a moan.
“Auch, what the hell?!” you hissed, feeling something like a lump on your forehead.
“I’m sorry (y/n), didn’t want to scare you” Calum said, standing next to your bed. He had a slight bruise on his forehead. You stood up, making a face.
“Oh my, I’m so sorry Calum, does it hurt a lot?” you asked, coming closer to see what happened to him.
“No, not at all, (y/n), don’t worry” he said, smiling shyly. You noticed you were still dressed in the nightshirt. “You’ve got a small bruise right here” he added, pointing at your forehead.
“You too” you giggled. Staring at each other, it came to awkward silence between you two. “Oh, did you come here for something..?” you asked finally.
“Well, umm, I just wanted to say I talk
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 24 7
Quicksilver x Reader ~ Nice chat
// You & Pietro, no swearing, sorry for mistakes (would be grateful if you corrected me)
thank you for visiting, enjoy (:  //

The dark clouds moved slowly covering the stars as the mild wind rubbed your skin. You were watching the night cityscape from the roof of the Avengers’ Tower, slowly sipping your drink. It was Natasha’s will for you to come to the party Tony was doing again, as he always did. The thing was you weren’t really keen on partying at all. You preferred your job at S.H.I.E.L.D. as an usual Fury’s agent. You felt more confident in your combat outfit than in long (fave/color) dress without sleeves. You sighed and took a look at your mobile. You had plenty of time yet until they’d call for a meal. You were supposed to sit next to Nat, so she would discover you’re out and get mad at you for leaving her.
“Agent (your/surname), what brought you here?” you heard suddenly despite not noticing any steps before. You
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 127 45
5SOS x Reader ~ Oh Love (Intro)
//- You & the guys, nearly no swearing, sorry for mistakes, enjoy! -//
Spending holiday at your aunt’s wasn’t the best idea ever. Despite the main reason – being far away from your hometown & family– it was simply sitting in the middle of nowhere. You were here for the first time ever, feeling stuck and terribly bored. There was only one club in the town, mostly full of drunk old men. It wasn’t as bad as some survival camp, but still… The worst thing there was not a single person who would like to do whatever with you. Your only hope was your aunt’s friend’s son who was to come about tomorrow. You already felt sorry for him as you knew he would be just as bored as you were.
After the fourth day you woke up in the middle of the night, hearing some sounds. You totally didn’t feel like going back to sleep. You laid in bed for couple of minutes and then stood up. You wondered what had woken you up. Thinking of the source
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 73 32
Damon Salvatore x Reader ~ Every time I see you
Sorry for any mistakes.
The song - Fading like a flower by Roxette.

Every time I see you, oh
I try to hide away…

You were walking down the street, exhausted after staying up for studying the whole night. You had your exams next moth so you just couldn’t waste your time for fooling around and doing things that you loved. Well, at least there was one thing you found enjoyable at your stage – dark haired man with hypnotizing blue eyes. You admired the mysterious aura surrounding him. He seemed he had no friends at school, but all the girls loved him, smiling faintly and blushing every time he looked at them. You never wanted to act like those stupid chicks, so you pretended you’re not interested. But, gosh, seeing him with black leather jacket and blue Camaro convertible was just too much for you. You tried to avoid him, but sometimes it was just impossible… Just like today. Your face went pale wh
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 173 23
Bon Jovi x Reader - Hangover party
/// WARNING - includes some swearing
Characters: Reader, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora
Time: 80's !
Pairing: Reader x Jon ///

You took a seat on the couch, still wearing (your/PJs) tough it was about 4 p.m. You knew you shouldn’t have drunk that much last night. Your head was aching, reminding you about how many drinks you’ve mixed. You turned on TV and took a sip of the special potion that was supposed to keep you sober: lemon juice with sugar. Your (hair/color) hair were tied in a loose messy bun. Your lips went crooked tasting the sour drink. You just covered your legs with a warm blanket when you heard someone knocking on the door. You moaned. You didn’t want to stand up as hell.
"Who’s there?" you exclaimed, closing your eyes as you found your own voice too loud.
"Open, ______, it’s me, Jon!" the male voice said. You sighed.
"Do I really have too?" you groaned, finally standing up and putting your glass on the small tab
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 16 8


Springtrap And Deliah (Page 1) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap And Deliah (Page 1) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 2,233 323 Springtrap and Deliah (Page 129) by GraWolfQuinn Springtrap and Deliah (Page 129) :icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 1,798 486
Bad Influence [Sai Ficlet]
[Name] rested her chin in her hand as she looked over at the rest of Team Seven. Honestly, they always got together to have lunch, but their lunches were always boring. All Naruto talked about was ramen while eating ramen. All Sakura did was sit there and try to get Naruto to stop eating long enough to talk with an empty mouth. Sai would insult Naruto and Kakashi... some adult he was. He just watched the whole thing happen.
Sighing, she looked down at her ramen and stirred the noodles around in the broth with her chopsticks. What would it take to get this lunch kicked up a notch? A sudden idea entered her mind and she smiled deviously, shooting a look over her shoulder at the others, who weren't paying any kind of attention whatsoever to her.
Grabbing one of her chopsticks, she stabbed it through one of the fishcakes floating around in the broth before turning to face the others. Carefully aiming her chopstick, she flicked her wrist forward and send the fishcake flying. Right at Naruto
:iconmz-hyde:Mz-Hyde 185 19
High school: Pein x Reader: Front Office
High school: Pein: Front Office
You sighed. Second time that week. You were late to school and your “good student” record didn’t look that good now.
You ran into the office and saw a guy with bright orange spiked-up hair and piercings all over him standing in front of the principal’s office. You detested people like him. So early in the morning and he was already in trouble with the teacher. Most likely he hasn’t brought his text book as required by the school rules and the teacher has sent him to the principal so the principal could deal with him.
You made a face and stood next to him. A boy walked out with a blue note signifying he was late too. You looked at the boy to see if he was going in. Instead, he waved a hand and said “I’m going to take a long time.”
You walked past him. ‘He probably didn’t want you to hear why he got into trouble,’ you thought to yourself.
But as you walked out, you saw him sitting outside th
:iconconnnnie:connnnie 221 25
Beach: Kiba x Reader: Popsicle
You sat on your towel nervously looking out at the crowded beach. It was the summer holidays, a few more days until school started and your friends and you have decided to go out to the beach to have some fun.
You were never the party-goer or the party pooper but since Hinata had summoned up the courage to got to the beach, why couldn't you?
Most of the lunch times, you stayed in the library: you were never the out going girl. Group work in class was the worst. The teacher would often put you in groups where he or she thought you would belong. You always ended up doing the whole project by yourself.
That's not entirely true. Not always were you left to do the work by yourself. There were times when Kiba would help you. Kiba- one of those school heart-throbs though he wasn't as popular as Sasuke.
Sometimes during spring and autumn, you would enjoy the evening breeze at the local park. There you would often see Kiba and his dog Akamaru…
--- Flashback ---
You were enjoying the cold
:iconconnnnie:connnnie 797 249
Mandalorian Helmets 2.0 by AraxussYexyr Mandalorian Helmets 2.0 :iconaraxussyexyr:AraxussYexyr 188 15 Star Wars - Troopers by AraxussYexyr Star Wars - Troopers :iconaraxussyexyr:AraxussYexyr 468 28 The Empire by Aste17 The Empire :iconaste17:Aste17 119 12
Kissing booth. [Neji x reader] AU
Neji's POV. 
Ugh Lee and his youthful idea. Seriously couldn't he think of anything other than a kissing booth? I am stuck here now kissing girls. They just won't leave.
Lee probably did it so Tenten would kiss him and she already has paid ten times. Sure she won't have any left by end of this school festival. 
Ugh I hate kissing and these girly perfumes are gonna kill me. Another girl appeared. She looked worried and was in a rush. She was so beautiful. Her (your eye color) orbs were so hypnotisingy. I guess little flirt wouldn't hurt. I smirked to myself. She would probably come here .
She came near me and turned to lee's side without looking at me. Wait! What? She is going to lee's side? Lee's side!! But I thought she would come here. Ugh today isn't one of my best days.
Reader's POV
"Where is tenten?" I whispered to myself and then sighed. She went somewhere in hurry I hope she is fine. I have searched so many stalls now. I was passing by a stall when I spotted Tenten she
:icondestinyuzumaki:destinyuzumaki 41 4
Eyes [Neji Hyuga Ficlet]
Neji looked down at [Name] as she placed her head in his lap, staring up at him with a cute smile on her face.
“What's so funny?” Neji questioned. Was she plotting something against him? Again?
[Name] laughed, shaking her head and shutting her eyes. “It's nothing Neji, really. Why can't I smile around you without you thinking I'm plotting against you?” she asked playfully, opening her eyes once more and continuing to smile.
Neji actually smiled in return, shrugging and reaching down to playfully tug at her [color] hair, causing her to pout and do the same to his long black locks, keeping them trapped between her fingers for a second longer before letting them go.
“Maybe because you haven't changed since you were little,” Neji teased playfully.
“Well, if I haven't changed, then you haven't changed either. You're still a big jerk,” she said. Neither of them truly meant the words that were coming out of their mouths; they were only teasing o
:iconmz-hyde:Mz-Hyde 255 8
Madara Uchiha x Reader - Reckless
“You should really learn not to throw yourself into every battle,” you said, glaring at the wounded Madara.
“Shut the hell up and just heal me.” he hissed.
“No need to be so pushy,” You knelt by his side and green chakra emitted from your hands.
You pressed your hands against one of his open wounds on his chest, grimacing slightly when it started to leak a little blood.
“Damn, Madara, what the hell did you do out there?”
“Well I don’t know, Y/n, what do you think I did in battle?” he asked sarcastically.
“Frolicked through the flowers with all of our enemies?”
“Just get on with it!” he growled.
With your hands still pressed against his chest, you craned your neck up to his cheek and kissed it. You brought your mouth to his ear and whispered, “You run into battle and get hurt again, I’ll castrate you.”
:iconohitsthatgirl:OhItsThatGirl 54 6
Kakashi X Reader - Screw you, Festival!
“Kakashi, hurry up! I want to win a goldfish!” You practically dragged him to the stand where you could win a goldfish.
“This isn’t really fair, Y/n. You’re a ninja playing a game that even a civilian could win.”
“Does it look like I care? I hope it doesn’t because I don’t.” You paid the vendor for three plastic balls.
“Here, you can take the first shot,” You handed Kakashi a plastic ball and patted him on the back.
He threw it, and of course, he made it in the fish bowl. You went after him and made it in the fish bowl. You threw once more and made it again, making you grin in triumph.
“I’ll be taking my three fish now.” you told the vendor. You held your hand out, waiting for your baggies.
“You two cheated! Get out of here before I throw you out!” the vendor sneered.
“No! I won those fish, god dammit! Those are my new pets! Give me my new pets!” You wanted your fucking fis
:iconohitsthatgirl:OhItsThatGirl 50 6
Shikamaru x Reader - You Idiot
“You really had to go and do a stupid thing like that?” questioned Shikamaru.
You lifted your head up from your hospital bed and smirked. “Of course I did, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t.”
He sighed and sat in the chair beside your bed. You brought your hand up and motioned for him to come closer. He leaned in, bringing his face close to yours.
“I’m fine, Shikamaru, don’t worry about it. Go home and get some rest.”
“My mom would kill me if I didn’t come check on you,” He rubbed the back of his head.
“She would maim you, that’s a given, but not kill you. Where would she put the body?”
“If you’re talking like that, you’re perfectly fine.”
“Just go watch the clouds,” you smiled tiredly. “I’ll be in here, looking out the window, watching the same ones as you.”
:iconohitsthatgirl:OhItsThatGirl 64 4
Genma x Reader - Short People Problems
“Genma, you dick head! You know I can’t reach this, but no! You just had to put it that high!” you glared at the bandanna clad ninja who was smirking.
“What of it, short shit? It’s not my fault you can’t reach the shelves that I can.” he shrugged.
“'What of it?’ Genma, I hate you sometimes.” you pouted.
“You love me, though. What’s not to love of this?” He flipped his hair and you snorted.
“Yeah, I love those greasy locks of yours,”
He fake gasped and held a hand to his heart.
“That hurt, Y/n. It hurt right in here.” Genma patted his chest where his heart was located.
“You have no heart, only more greasy hair and stupid jokes.” You stuck your tongue out at him and the both of you laughed.
Genma chuckled and came in closer, locking you in between the kitchen counter and himself. You put your hands on his chest, trying to create some space, but it only made him come closer. H
:iconohitsthatgirl:OhItsThatGirl 40 3
Alexander Lightwood #2 by Lisly227 Alexander Lightwood #2 :iconlisly227:Lisly227 7 4 Ithachi Uchiha by BlackMarlb0r0 Ithachi Uchiha :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 48 10


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