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7 minutes in heaven ~ Jiraiya x Reader
...a pen. You had no idea who it belonged to.
“Okaaay” you said, picking up the item. “Who owns it?” you asked. Somebody suddenly tapped your shoulder. You turned around, but there was only Jiraiya next to you. Wait…
“J-Jiraiya-sama…?” you asked, suddenly frightened. He grinned and put the bag with items on the floor.
“Don’t be scared, it’ll be fun, I promise” he said reassuringly and guided you to the closet. “Somebody count the time and lock us properly!” he exclaimed, laughing and finally fit in with you in the dark closet. You were so close to him you felt his body pressed to yours. He was too well-build to be locked in such tiny place. Pervy Sage. And you. Going to make out. You could feel your cheeks and ears were getting extremely hot.
“(Y/n) don’t panic. I know what you may think about me…” he started with low, soft voice, gently holding your arms “… but I pro
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 1 0
7 minutes in heaven ~ Shikamaru x Reader
...a headband.
‘Oh no. No, no, no!’ you yelled in your hand as blush came to your cheeks.
“Shikamaru! Perfect! You two can grumble in the closet if you want, you have seven minutes! Enjoy!”
You had no idea how Jiraiya managed to lock you with Shikamaru standing so close. You even felt his breath on your cheek.
“What a drag…” he said, when the doors closed, and you two were left alone with barely no light.
“Oh my, I’m sorry, this is just so stupid… What are we supposed to do?!” you yelled. Well… The idea came to you even though… You felt the heat coming to your cheeks.
“(Y/n), why are you blushing?” Shikamaru asked. ‘Heck, of course he noticed!’
“This is just awkward…” you muttered.
“Yeah, it is” he admitted. “But know what? I… Well, we can do something if you want, I don’t mind… Your body’s temperature keeps rising, so I guess
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 4 0
7 minutes in heaven: Naruto ~ Intro (x Reader)
/* Intro to 7MIH with Naruto characters (:
    Hope you enjoy! */

“NO. WAY.”
Those two words were the first thing you said, when you saw your friend Ino. For the last few days she tried to convince you to join her on today’s the party at Jiraiya’s. You didn’t want to go, knowing you will end up included in some perverted game. Unfortunately your friend was very persuasive… Especially since she knew all your biggest secrets…
Ino’s preparations made you feel very uncomfortable. You weren’t used to be wearing short skirts, not talking about tops that barely covered your body. Your friend was also looking different this evening. She really wanted to go on date with Sai. Since Sasuke wasn’t her obsession anymore, she seemed more and more interested in Sai. She wanted you to come with her to give her some emergency advices. However, the only thing you could think about was how to not kill yourself in high heels. Jus
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 3 0
Tony x Reader - Youngblood
// No swearing, just you, Tony and some emotional one-shot.
I hope you like it (: //

     Remember the words you told me, "love me 'till the day I die?"
 You were looking down on the rainy street through the window in your warm office. People were so tiny from the sixth floor, all of them desperately trying to hide from the couple of droplets, all in a hurry, hiding from the cold, autumn wind… And here, in the middle of them were you. Staying longer in work and watching them all going home. You didn’t want to go back to your empty home, knowing there will be no one but you there. Knowing there will be no one knocking and entering your room with a playful smirk. No one saying he loves you… 
    Surrender my everything 'cos you made me believe you’re mine
You tried your best to focus on your work, but it was really hard. Somehow you believed your life was meaningless now. That yo
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 6 0
Quicksilver x Reader - Girls love kittens
//Reader x Pietro, some swearing included.
 Background: you're in toxic relationship, but luckily there's someone to save the day (: 
 Apologies for any mistakes.//

(Y/n) opened the door of Steve Rogers’ room and furiously slammed them, before he followed her. She literally stormed through the Stark Tower’s kitchen and left two males who were sitting there in surprise. Soon though, Steve run after her, yelling for her to wait.
“Who was that?” Pietro Maximoff asked. Despite the fact she looked angry, he was curious who the beautiful (h/c) haired girl was. His companion in the afternoon’s coffee was Tony Stark. The Iron Man didn’t even look at young Maximoff, as he was busy reading the newspaper.
“(Y/n) (y/s). She’s Capsicle’s relative. Some sister’s granddaughter or whatever. He takes care of her since her mother died couple of months ago” Stark explained. Pietro’s mind has already been running
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 18 4
I'd never want to hurt you - Jiraiya x Reader
"Hey! Baka! Come back here right now!" you heard someone shouting. It scared you a bit. Moments later you saw young blonde boy, Konoha shinobi, running for life. He just came out from some corner, so no wonder why he didn't saw you. He hit you just as strong as it was for you to fall.
"I'm sorry!" he exclaimed though he didn't even bother to stop.
"Baka kid" you muttered and was about to stand up when  someone hit you again. Big body had fallen onto yours, pinning you to the ground.
"Aww shit, what the hell?!" you yelled. "Get out of me!" you added just when you saw who was sitting on top of you. Well-build man with long white hair. He had red strips coming down from his eyes to the chin. You noticed a small smirk on his face.
"I'm sorry, ba... ma'am" he said, standing up and giving you a hand. You blushed and touched his warm, large hand. Heck, did you find him attractive? "I didn't mean to hurt you, I would never want so, I was just trying to catch my baka student" he explained,
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 46 10
Naruto x!LittleReaderx Kakashi - Paint
“You think that’s funny?” Kakashi asked gruffly. You smiled adorably with flickering eyes.
“Of course Kakashi-sensei!” you replied with your hands covered in paint. You giggled and tried to reach him once again. You were laughing as he was running away from you.
“______-chan, please don’t paint me!” he laughed, running around the house.
“I just will make your hair look younger sensei, let me!” you giggled trying to catch him. Just then you heard knocking at the door.
“I’ll open sensei!” you said and run towards the door, curious who might have come. You opened to see blonde-haired boy, a little taller than you.
“Hey, is there Kakashi-sensei?” he asked cheerfully. You found him cute and you giggled.
“Yes, he’s running away cause I’m gonna paint his hair!” you replied, showing your hands covered in yellow paint to the boy.
“Ah, I like the color! Good choice! I’m N
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 48 5
The new broken scene by ailyn147 The new broken scene :iconailyn147:ailyn147 7 0
5SOS x Reader ~ Oh Love: Calum
… deep brown orbs staring at you? You got scared and wanted to jump out of the bed, but suddenly your head hit something hard painfully. You heard a moan.
“Auch, what the hell?!” you hissed, feeling something like a lump on your forehead.
“I’m sorry (y/n), didn’t want to scare you” Calum said, standing next to your bed. He had a slight bruise on his forehead. You stood up, making a face.
“Oh my, I’m so sorry Calum, does it hurt a lot?” you asked, coming closer to see what happened to him.
“No, not at all, (y/n), don’t worry” he said, smiling shyly. You noticed you were still dressed in the nightshirt. “You’ve got a small bruise right here” he added, pointing at your forehead.
“You too” you giggled. Staring at each other, it came to awkward silence between you two. “Oh, did you come here for something..?” you asked finally.
“Well, umm, I just wanted to say I talk
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 24 7
Quicksilver x Reader ~ Nice chat
// You & Pietro, no swearing, sorry for mistakes (would be grateful if you corrected me)
thank you for visiting, enjoy (:  //

The dark clouds moved slowly covering the stars as the mild wind rubbed your skin. You were watching the night cityscape from the roof of the Avengers’ Tower, slowly sipping your drink. It was Natasha’s will for you to come to the party Tony was doing again, as he always did. The thing was you weren’t really keen on partying at all. You preferred your job at S.H.I.E.L.D. as an usual Fury’s agent. You felt more confident in your combat outfit than in long (fave/color) dress without sleeves. You sighed and took a look at your mobile. You had plenty of time yet until they’d call for a meal. You were supposed to sit next to Nat, so she would discover you’re out and get mad at you for leaving her.
“Agent (your/surname), what brought you here?” you heard suddenly despite not noticing any steps before. You
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 127 45
5SOS x Reader ~ Oh Love (Intro)
//- You & the guys, nearly no swearing, sorry for mistakes, enjoy! -//
Spending holiday at your aunt’s wasn’t the best idea ever. Despite the main reason – being far away from your hometown & family– it was simply sitting in the middle of nowhere. You were here for the first time ever, feeling stuck and terribly bored. There was only one club in the town, mostly full of drunk old men. It wasn’t as bad as some survival camp, but still… The worst thing there was not a single person who would like to do whatever with you. Your only hope was your aunt’s friend’s son who was to come about tomorrow. You already felt sorry for him as you knew he would be just as bored as you were.
After the fourth day you woke up in the middle of the night, hearing some sounds. You totally didn’t feel like going back to sleep. You laid in bed for couple of minutes and then stood up. You wondered what had woken you up. Thinking of the source
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 73 32
Damon Salvatore x Reader ~ Every time I see you
Sorry for any mistakes.
The song - Fading like a flower by Roxette.

Every time I see you, oh
I try to hide away…

You were walking down the street, exhausted after staying up for studying the whole night. You had your exams next moth so you just couldn’t waste your time for fooling around and doing things that you loved. Well, at least there was one thing you found enjoyable at your stage – dark haired man with hypnotizing blue eyes. You admired the mysterious aura surrounding him. He seemed he had no friends at school, but all the girls loved him, smiling faintly and blushing every time he looked at them. You never wanted to act like those stupid chicks, so you pretended you’re not interested. But, gosh, seeing him with black leather jacket and blue Camaro convertible was just too much for you. You tried to avoid him, but sometimes it was just impossible… Just like today. Your face went pale wh
:iconailyn147:ailyn147 173 23
Bon Jovi x Reader - Hangover party
/// WARNING - includes some swearing
Characters: Reader, Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora
Time: 80's !
Pairing: Reader x Jon ///

You took a seat on the couch, still wearing (your/PJs) tough it was about 4 p.m. You knew you shouldn’t have drunk that much last night. Your head was aching, reminding you about how many drinks you’ve mixed. You turned on TV and took a sip of the special potion that was supposed to keep you sober: lemon juice with sugar. Your (hair/color) hair were tied in a loose messy bun. Your lips went crooked tasting the sour drink. You just covered your legs with a warm blanket when you heard someone knocking on the door. You moaned. You didn’t want to stand up as hell.
"Who’s there?" you exclaimed, closing your eyes as you found your own voice too loud.
"Open, ______, it’s me, Jon!" the male voice said. You sighed.
"Do I really have too?" you groaned, finally standing up and putting your glass on the small tab
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Zooey Deshanel by ailyn147 Zooey Deshanel :iconailyn147:ailyn147 6 3 did you try to live on your own..? by ailyn147 did you try to live on your own..? :iconailyn147:ailyn147 14 17 cherries love by ailyn147 cherries love :iconailyn147:ailyn147 5 0


Ithachi Uchiha by BlackMarlb0r0 Ithachi Uchiha :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 45 10 Naruto And Hinata by BlackMarlb0r0 Naruto And Hinata :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 245 20 Sasuke And Itachi by BlackMarlb0r0 Sasuke And Itachi :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 220 38 Sasuke Uchiha by BlackMarlb0r0 Sasuke Uchiha :iconblackmarlb0r0:BlackMarlb0r0 46 7
The reader is a werewolf who was picked up by the team some time ago. A backstory will follow soon or will be explained in the different stories.
Some info on the reader: The transformation occurs at will and it happens in seconds. In your wolf form you stand about 1.65 meters at the withers and 2.60 meters when standing upright. The fur is brownish, and the eyes remain the same color as your eyes in human form. Your wolf form looks like this:
Most in not all of the stories will occur in Tony's house that we see in the third movie, and not in the Avengers tower. The events of this story occur after Bucky is found and before the events of Age of Ultron.
The house was almost empty, everybody was away for some reason: Tony and Pepper were at some conference, Bruce was at another, Clint and Natasha at some mission as always.
Steve was planning to stay in and spend the time with Bucky who was just getting used to ev
:iconorcinusxx:orcinusxx 7 7
Mr. Right (Steve x Reader) Final Part
The Captain America shield fit perfectly in your hand as you made your way through the Avengers Headquarters. You were making good progress, knowing exactly where you were headed, until the lights suddenly dimmed, making it impossible for you to see what was left of right. Your breath caught in your throat when you heard screams coming from your right. You swallowed hard. Were you already too late?
    Going even faster than you had before, you ran towards the living room on the other side of the hall. While you were running, the lights turned back on, giving you a view of the agents stationed just outside of the locked living room. Even though you didn’t think you had made any sound, the agents turned around to face you, their hands already on the guns stuck to their belts.
    You were just in time to pull up Steve’s shield before they opened fire on you. The clanging of bullets hitting the strong vibranium echoed against the walls.
:iconsavrom:savrom 86 63
Gossip Tony x Reader
“I am going to kill her.” Natasha declared as she stormed down the hallway.
“Kill who and why?” Tony questioned –forever the snoop- as he trailed after his teammate.
“(Y/n) she never told me she got engaged.”
      Tony chocked on his alcohol and his glass fell to the floor and shattered at his feet. Natasha kept walking but a discreet smile tugged on the corner of her lips and a gleam took up residence in her eyes.
“Who’s she marrying?” Tony asked as nonchalantly as a person whose crush was engaged to someone else could.
“Dunno, Pepper didn’t say. All I know is the rock is huge.”
    The words were barely out her mouth when Pepper joined them. She stepped in time with Natasha and Tony was pushed to third wheel, a very nosy third wheel.
“Have you found out who she’s marrying?” Natasha inquired. Pepper shook her head mournfully and adopted a thoughtful
:icondeath-for-one:Death-For-One 1,146 198
Party crashing (Chris Evans x Reader)
Music was echoing through your house, the screaming of multiple 21 year olds contributing to the sounds that were starting to give you a headache. You were only several years older, but thinking back on your own days at University, you couldn't remember ever drinking as much as your niece and her friends did now.
Your apartment was located in Manhattan and your niece had begged you for nearly a year if she could throw her birthday party at your apartment. You were hesitant at first, but you had been young once (you still were of course, but having a grown up job made you a lot less childish) so you had agreed. On the condition that you'd stay to keep an eye on your things.
So now here you were, standing in the door opening of you bedroom, looking at your niece's friends while they were getting drunk. It actually brought a smile to your face. You had been as careless as they were at that age. Now you had to worry about the book you were writing and if it was going to be as successful as
:iconsavrom:savrom 282 115
Be Good To Each Other by unleveLedNate Be Good To Each Other :iconunlevelednate:unleveLedNate 8,672 659
Cross my heart (Chris Evans x Reader) One-shot
Cross my heart - Chris Evans x Reader (one-shot)
You were walking across the Avengers set, your make-up box in hand. It was still early in the morning, but the director wanted to start the first day of shooting the new Avengers movie: The Age of Ultron early, causing you to be walking across the set towards the make-up booths while the sun wasn’t even up yet.
‘Hi, [Name]!’ One of your colleagues said, when you came walking into the building. ‘How’d you sleep last night?’
‘Fine, thanks for asking Tanya. Are the actors not here yet?’
‘You know how A-listers are. They’re probably just walking up from their beauty sleep.’
You hit her softly on the shoulder and laughed. ‘Don’t say things like that. They’re people too.’
‘Of course we are,’ you heard someone say behind you. You turned around and saw Chris Evans – a.k.a. Captain America – standing behind you, looking as ha
:iconsavrom:savrom 393 87
Teach me how to dance with you (Steve x Reader)
‘Just show me…’ Steve cried out to you, sighing.
‘I don’t know,’ you replied to you best friend of three years. ‘I don’t think it suits me.’ You looked at yourself in the mirror, wearing the dress you had bought a few hours earlier to wear to a party Tony Stark was hosting in Stark Tower. It hugged your body and floated around you as you walked. It was truly a beautiful dress, but you didn’t know if you were confident enough to wear it.
‘Yeah… I bet you look awful in it’, Steve sighed again. In the time you had been in your bedroom he had put on the suit Tony had given him to wear, cleaned your messy kitchen and even managed to watch the whole eight o’clock news.
You swallowed hard, looking at yourself one last time, before finally making your way back to the living room. Steve was sitting on your couch, his arms spread across the back. He was wearing a suit Tony had specially made for him and you felt
:iconsavrom:savrom 584 112
How did we end up here by itslopez How did we end up here :iconitslopez:itslopez 632 34 Thor x Loki by Damare Thor x Loki :icondamare:Damare 290 15
Best Friends (Thor x Reader)
You resisted the urge to sigh heavily. It would've been the fourth one in the past ten minutes, and you knew the other customers in the small coffee shop were getting fed up with your supposed melodramatic attitude. You couldn't help it, though.
You'd been waiting in the shop for thirty minutes longer than usual, and your drink had long since gone cold. If you could've you would have left after five minutes, but your rebellious heart wouldn't let you. It wasn't like him to be late…
Oh, who were you kidding? He was always late nowadays! You were lucky if you even got to see Thor around the Tower anymore on his periodic visits to Earth. It's all Jane's fault, you reflected bitterly. If that damn woman had just dumped him...
Then you'd be free to make a move.
You sighed, again, and stood up, abandoning your drink. You didn't really mean it. Thor was happy with the scientist, and if he was happy, then you were happy.
Still, she had been dragging him all over the
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 63 43
The Best Man (Steve x Reader) One-shot
You were standing in the kitchen, pouring yourself and Steve a cup of tea. You had known each other for almost three year now. He had come to live in the same building – right above you – after the Battle of New York. You had become friends after the first year and after the second year you had even become best friends.
There had however never been anything romantic between you. When you first met you had already had a boyfriend and for the last couple of months Steve had also finally started seeing someone. Or at least, that was what he told you. You had never actually met the lucky girl.
There had only been that one night, several months ago, when Steve had cooked you dinner. While the food was baking in the oven, Steve had started to tease you that your boyfriend, Derek, wanted to move in with you. Apparently Steve thought you were way to messy to live with someone so uptight as Derek. You had thrown the bowl of lettuce at his head, immediately sorry as he started to cha
:iconsavrom:savrom 506 114
Thor x Reader - More Than Words (part 2)
A/N: Please, read the descritpion first.
       You guessed that he had to feel your gaze because he turned and looked at you. He was like four yards from you but you felt a sudden urge to get back to his bedroom and hide there.  You shivered and it had nothing to do with you being practically half naked but Thor just assumed that you were feeling cold. He stood up, walked up to you and then led you towards the fireplace. When you were close to it, you noticed that there was dark fluffy carpet. Your feet almost sank into it. You sat down on it, not even thinking about taking place on a couch or in one of the armchairs. Thor followed you and there he was, only three feet away from you.
       Blushing a little, you tried to cover as much of your thighs as it was possible and not to look ridiculous at the same time. You avoided looking at him, choosing the fire instead. At least it didn’t make you forget to breathe like Tho
:iconjaneweller:JaneWeller 210 102


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