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So you thought I was dead? Maybe I am, not sure anymore ^^; anyways XD

This is for my very dear soul sister :glomp: its a belated b-day gift. It have been very snowy reacently so I got inspierd. And her characters have very nice winter outfits so win win right? =) Im very happy how it turned out, I had to fight my way with this one but thats because I was learning to deal with a new program. ^^; But thats ok =) 

I wish you the very best Ingrid Im sorry it got little late, :glomp:love you always :3 
Coraleana and Marcus (c) Coraleana 
Art (c) AnnieTheGreenKitty 
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© 2021 AilwynRaydom
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oh I love it, it's so cute! :la:

They look so adorable and happy together. :heart: Nothing better than a warm hug on cold days. X3

I really like how you colored it and the little sparkles you added. :D Also Coral's face looks super cute. :3

Thank you so much Annie, I love it! :tighthug:

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thank you so much and your very welcome :heart: Im so happy to hear you love it 8D

I had so much problem with her face and also Marcus XD but Im very happy how it turned out at the end. Your so welcome :heart: now I just hope the rest of your things will come soon :3

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I think their faces came out just fine, Coral's even looks super cute. :)

Me too. :aww:

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Oh im so Happy :D you have no idea how difficult it was so im very excited thank you. I want to draw faces that shows expressions or full of life. :)
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Expressions can be hard to get right, also depending on style. (cartoony styles can get away with a lot more) But again, these look fine.:D

That's very good. :) It makes characters pop more if their faces show emotions and life.

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It is true cartoony you can draw so extreamly and more much but realistic is more diffrent and it can easily look weird ^^; and I feel akward drawing it. XD Like those cartoons back in the day that was very realistic but also cartoonish you feelt emberessed watching it half of the time. XD

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yeah it can be awkward. I think they call it the uncanny valley. Where it looks realistic but still something seems off. X3 You get that too with very realistic video game characters, but who still don't look quit right. Like they will look very realistic, but the way their mouth moves or expressions are shown on the face are just a little off and it makes it all super awkward.

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Oh so thats what uncanny vally means, I always wonder. Now I know X3 cool!

Yeah its veyr hard to pull something like that off at the same time its better to make it look more cartoon sometimes so you dont need to deal with the akwardness, its very few who can pull it off ^^;

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