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So this will be my last Halloween pic this year :faint: I wanted to do much more, but the time is short and I have other pics I need to finish. =) But its nothing Im really sad about, Im still happy over the pics I had time to finish this year. ^^

I always try to make a Halloween pic with Ailwyn and Tek :heart: , I used to draw them as kids, but this time I made them little more older. X3 I had very much fun to draw this one. I really like their colorful outfits. XD

Here are the other Halloween pics I have done with them from the past.

Hide and Seek on Halloween  I hope you like it folks! And Happy Halloween! :3 Hide and Seek on Halloween

Art and Ailwyn (c) Annie The GreenKitty / AilwynRaydom
Tek (c) ReaperLove :heart:

Pumpkin Kitteh for Halloween This is Halloween Pumpkin Kitteh for Halloween 
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I think you did an amazing job. The background with the trees, pumpkins and headstones looks great, it gives the Halloween feel to it even more. I love both their outfits too. :D  I also like the pumpkin with the pumpkin in it, its a neat addition. Theres a lot of neat details to view within the picture. 
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thank you so much :3 it was really fun to draw them ;3 I had 
a great time. As always thank you for your ovely comment
it really means a lot to me :3 
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This picture look absolutely amazing, I love all the details you added to it. This is the perfect halloween picture right here if you ask me, well done :w00t:
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thank you very much my friend it means a lot you like it. =) :hug:
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very cute and silly picture, you did a really nice job on this. Love all the stuff you put into it.
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thank you so much :hug: =)
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This is full of interesting and funny details. I love the expressions of the pumpkins, especially the one on the ground in the right corner looks hilarious but also adorable! It was a good idea to put a pumpkin pattern on one of the balloons and shape Ailwyn's sleeve like a pumpkin too instead of just using ordinary pumpkins. ;) The shaping of the trees is detailed and creepy. 
  You managed to create very unique outfits which fit the characters very well. Tek's wings are epic! Then I also like Ailwyn's makeup and hair.
   I can just hear all the voices of the Halloween night: Creepy laugh, bats' screaming, trees' creaking in the wind... This is crazy in a very good way!
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Thank you very much for your lovely comment. =)
I really tried to over kill the picture with so much
Halloween themed things as possible, I'm happy you
noticed all of the details, it really makes me happy. =)
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the pleasure's all mine ;)
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aww, I really love it so much. aily looks so cute in a pink clown outfit ^^
thank you so much baby cakes, I really do love it ^^
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Aww thank you my angle cake. :hug:
Im so happy you love it so much ^//^ <3
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Thank you very much :-)
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Your Welcome:D Wanna add me as a friend?
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Thanks a lot =) !
Funny I was just looking in your gallery yesterday XD !
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Nice going on this one, this is truly brilliantly done.
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thank you very much =) :hug:
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Even though you're spooky variations....laugh clowns, laugh!  :XD:
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