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Was listening to that song when I did this art. So I named it after that. ^^; 

Made a new outfit for my Constance. Its an old one but much more updated you can say. 
Thank you SenshiStock for the Pose Reference. I always use her poses for insperation
to drawings. =) I hope you like the idea folks!

Pose Ref Insperation SenshiStock…
Song (c) David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia…
Constance Saintana (c) AnnieTheGreenKitty aka AilwynRaydom

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© 2018 - 2021 AilwynRaydom
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She looks so gorgeous! Excellent work! 🐯🗡💛💛❤❤
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You're welcome!
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The determination and the proficiency emanating from her make her look very powerful and the waves are very impressive- and dynamic-looking, which just adds more power into the drawing so Titanium is a fitting title for this. Good thing you were listening that song while drawing this. ;)
    You managed to color the Jamaica bay blue parts of the waves in a realistic way. Perfect color choice! ;) And I also like the way you made Constance's skin glow giving her a slightly exotic appearance while her outfit gives me ''The Legend of Zelda'' vibes. The belt and the collar are my favorite parts of the outfit.
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You can really get creative when you got the right type
of music around. ;) I really pleased myself with all the dynamic
emotions this picture is having.

thank you =) I was little nervous its been a long time since i drew
anything water related. :3

thank you so much for your comment ! :hug:
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The pleasure's all mine. :)
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Love the tidal wave effects in the background, it adds to the character's stance and tough exterior. :D
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thank you very much : 3 :hug:
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Jag får låten i huvudet när jag ser den här - superläcker <3
Kläderna och färgerna är underbara! 
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naww tack så mycket =) !
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you're welcome and my pleasure =D
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Awesome image Annie. :D
I'm loving that wave!:la: And her pose is very cool. 
Also I really love her new outfit as well. Sexy but tough. ;)
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thank you buddie :3 :hug: 

I was hoping to do this outfit again but in our collab later on :3
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Haha! XD we are already on the same wavelength again! I was secretly hoping we could do a collab with her and that outfit. :)
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haha omg really XD
then its going to happend my friend XD 

You got a request of outfit for Kalde to wear
for the collab? =3
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awesome X3
Well I suppose it depends on what they're doing..  but my personal favorites are his casual outfit (1), his sleep wear and his swimwear. X3 But you can pick whichever you like best. :3
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well, Im thinking maybe they can do like a playfull fight, her with her sais and maybe he got s sword?
I know he is knight after all :3
Coraleana's avatar
sure, sounds cool. :)
In that case I guess he shouldn't wear his pajamas or speedo, that would look weird. XD;;
AilwynRaydom's avatar
Naaah XD 
Im sure Constence would not mind thow but
maybe its not the best idea haha XD
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