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The Fire Flowers

Tadah~  ;P
I drew Akidah, Coraleana s character. She is a very cute, sexy and I love her color and pattern design in her skin.
I have been wanted to draw her for a long time now and also wanted to give something for my very good friend at the
same time. :hug: =) Coraleana have helped me so much in the past and are one of very few friends I still got on real life
and on deviantart that I still got contact with. I wish I could give her something more to show my gratitude but this is a beginning
at least ;)

So a small story :

Akidah is have a day for herself and explore around in a volcano like area. She found these fire flowers that literally are made of flames. She really liked them and study them for a bit, while resting on the volcano ground.

Ok, before anyone says something, I dont know she can handle fire or anything and I know maybe she would burn her skin to hell for laying there. But this is not realistic, its just something artistic. ;) So dont get any ideas from this pic that she can handle heat that well or touching fire things. Because I dont know, you have to ask Coraleana about that. I just wanted to be creative : 3

I hope you like it Coral :hug: : 3
and you other guys as well ^^

Akidah (c) Coraleana
Art (c) AilwynRaydom aka Annie The GreenKitty
Pose insperation (c) google
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Absolutely gorgeous, I love the colouring! :love:
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thank you very much =3
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ohh... ;.;
This is such a surprise! And it looks so totally awesome! :la: Thank you so much Annie.:hug:
I love this. :heart: You really did an incredible job on that magma/lava floor and I just love those fire flowers. They are so gorgeous. :)
I also like Kida's pose and you did such a lovely job drawing her. And don't worry about her being burned. Her race lives in Agartha, which is in the center of the planet, they live being surrounded by magma, so she can handle it. ;)
Thank you very much for this amazing gift. :tighthug:
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I wanted to give you something nice =) Im so
glad you like it so much. And phew XD its good she was
a character who can handle fire then XD I thought of her
looks, that she might can handle fire but I was not sure ;)

I really like Kida she is a very sexy and pretty character
and it was a pleasure to draw her :hug: Im happy once
again you like it so much :3 :glomp:
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Would be tough for her to live being surrounded by magma if she couldn't even handle the heat. X3 So you made the right choice. ;)
Thanks. It's always nice when a character you create is liked by others. :)
I love it, thanks again!:hug:
AilwynRaydom's avatar
hehe yeah that would suck XDD !

Your very welcome my friend :hug: :3
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Very lovely  ^_^

Nice intricate work on them flowers
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thank you very much Phantom =)
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awesome nice work
AilwynRaydom's avatar
thank you very much =)
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