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Oh gosh Im done ^^; its a gift for my very dear soul sister Coraleana of her characters Coraleana and Marcus. I honestly am not hundred procent please with it, I do like it , but I feel the shades are maybe to dark or something Im not sure. But I really did try my best and my sister have been waitning so long so I really wanted to finnish it ^^; I guess Im little rusty too with my art . The flowers and the plants are from her world and this is from the Ramu/Lemurian nature. =) I try to get the right vibe ^^; 

hope you enjoy my dear soul sister :hug: 

Marcus and Coraleana 
© Ingrid Timmermans A.K.A. Coraleana.
Art (c) Annie Karlsson aka AnnieTheGreenKitty 

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© 2021 AilwynRaydom
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This looks really nice! You did really well with the piece, its colorful and what is going on is very sweet and lovely. Good work!

If you feel the shading doesn't fit right with you, try to use a bit of color and not blacks or grays as it can look a bit muddied if that makes sense? I like to use the color HEX: # E5D7ED (its like a pale purple color) and change my shading layer to Linear Burn and then mess with the Opacity. But try out other colors and layer settings, you get all kind of neat looks! ♪

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thank you so much =D :heart: !

Oh ok I will keep that in mind for sure, thank you for the tip! =D

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Great work. How's things going?

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thank you, it goes up and down the days are never the same but right now its fine =)

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That's good :)

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:wow: That looks amazing! :lawoo: Lawooon No wonder it took so long, there are so many plants in there! That kinda stuff drives me insane if I have to draw it.. XD;; I would take my sweet time too.

I super love it Annie. :tighthug: :heart: I'm loving how you drew them together, they look so much in love and so happy. :happycry: I can't stop looking at it. :D I keep staring at it, figuring out what to comment but I feel at a loss for words.. It's just so romantic and soothing to look at. :) It's just such a lovely scene.

You did such an amazing job on all the plants, they look just like they should. :D And yes, the shading might be a little dark, but I think it works. They are underneath so many plants that it would be a bit more dark under there. Also it makes the sun beams come out even better. :D I think you did an incredible job on this and I love it to death!!! :hug: :hug: la huggle Huggle Thank you sooooooooo much!!! :heart: :love: :love:

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Oh wow thank you for the lovely comment, man that really warm my heart and soul and gave me the deepest relife ever XD :glomp: :heart: It was hard work with the flowers but also very fun, I always enjoy drawing flowers because its more acceptinng to flaws in away :3

Im so happy you enjoy it so much 8D :dance: hehe you being speachless is the best prise ever XD :heart: Im glad the dark shadows worked out, It looked funky on my laptop and then on my phone it looks fine, but I slowly accepting it, I just want it to look perfect for you. =) But let me know if I should add or change anything , I can I want you to enjoy it to the fullest :3

Naww your so cute Ingrid XD thank you :glomp: Im so very happy! :giggle:

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X3 yeah that's the nice thing about nature, it's not symmetrical and such like say buildings, so you can get away with some mistakes. XD

It'll always look different on every screen I'm sure.. my stuff always looks fine on my laptop, yet way darker on my tablet, and on my parent's computer the colors are like super bright! o.o Nah, I think it looks fine. :D no need to change a thing.

(though for future reference, if you ever feel something is too dark or too light, in PS you can use 'levels' and other stuff to adjust that. Same can be done with colors. I'd explain it but I fear that would be a whole lot of text..... XD; )

Thanks again, it's an amazing picture! :heart:

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right you can really get away with so much things :3

its so weird right , can never be 100% sure how it will look on other computers and so on XD

im so glad you think so :hug:

I will keep that in mind for sure :3

you higly welcome my dear sister :heart: <3

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yeah it's so annoying. D: why can't all screens be the same?!

Okay. :)


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I truly wish it was so XD , *wish for a screen god somewere* XD


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