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My mom :3

So my mother saw this picture Id I made for myself,… and she asked if I could draw one for her, for the facebook. And its nice to see my mom take an intrest in my digital art. So I said yes. I have been working on this one for months, it's a simple picture, I know for sure. But I struggled so much..I guess for the simple reason its for my mom? I dont know if there is any logic in that. And plus, I have been struggeling both with insperation ideas and also having an arm that's not totally ok. But either way, enough of me complaning. ^^; 

I wont be super active, but I will try to post up something shortly if my arm let me, I keep my fingers crossed it have felt pretty ok for the last 2 days now. I will also take my time with replying to comments and notes whenever I can. Thank you for your time folks :3

Art (c) Annie The GreenKitty aka AilwynRaydom
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Very cool!

You did it well!

So symphatic!

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Thank you very much :)
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It's always nice if a parent shows in interest in their child's hobby. It felt so nice when my mom once asked me to make her something. :D
I think it came out really well. You did a great job on it. 
That is indeed why you struggled. For your mom you want it to look 100% perfect. :)
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Sure is =)

Oh your mom asked you to make something? What was it :3 

of coures XD my mom is a hard critic also. And I dont say no to her
well because she is my mom. XD But Im glad she enjoy it so much :3
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She just said maybe I could make her something some time. That's when I made that image of Miles and had it printed out for her on canvas. :)

That's even worse. XD; But at least she liked it.
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Oh yes I remember the Miles print you did, it turned out super awesome 8D

She did ;)
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yeah. I've never spend that much time on a drawing.. XD;;
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Oh I belive you XD it really looks amazing :3
and it's your lovely doggie too, so of coures you want
to spend a lot of time to make it good :3
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You know what the annoying thing is though..? :/ My mom was very happy with it, so she showed it off to everyone. But like no one really believed I actually drew it from scratch myself. D: and one guy though it was just a manipulated photo because I mentioned I used photoshop to make it. :/ 
At least my mom believes me and likes it. :D
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Aw thats stupid bullshit balls =/ ( sorry ^^;  ) 
but really, thats dum... they dont understand how
talanted you are, I would be amazed if I saw it and prase you. ^^
At least your mother understands the hard work you have 
been putting threw the art. :3
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AH! Ailwyn!! This is just adorable. You did an outstanding job on this!! The work seriously paid off, dear.
Her face is just so cute! I love the way you've done the detail on her glasses and her hair looks gorgeous. The simplistic shading makes this pop so much- it's going to work amazing for what she's looking for 100%!
Amazing work, darling! :heart:

I hope your arm feels better soon. ): And I seriously hope your inspiration returns! I just love your stories and your art. <3
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thank you very much =) :hug: your kind words really warms up my heart. :heart:

Oh you are so sweet :3 dont worry, my arm is slowly getting better it comes and goes.
But intill next time if it gets worse I will see a doctor about it. ^^; 

Im very happy to hear you like my stories and art, it really puts a big smile on my face.
thank you :3 :hug:
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You're super welcome, hun! <3

I'm so glad to hear it! I just really wish the best for you and yours. You deserve nothing but greatness with such a wonderful and kind heart as yours. ;w; :hug:
Well I hope it doesn't act up again! Here's wishing for the best! >:3

Always, darling! I look forward to seeing some new stuff as always whenever you're ready!! [ YURI ON ICE ] Drunk hug. 
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Naw your sweet peach F2U | Peach Icon :3

And I say the same for you, you deserve the best as well and hope things goes your way.  Hug 

I think it wont, but I will be very careful, but if it will. I do know what to do. So I dont worry about it. ;) 

I am planing to finish my ref sheets for my pirate gal Constance. She have a pirate outfit, a winter outfit and a fancy outfit left I wanna finish her and then I am planing to make a ref of me self :3 because it's me XD haha

Oh if you dont know my pirate girl here she is in her nakid glory 8D 

Mature Content

Constance-Saintana-Body-ref by AilwynRaydom

Mature Content

Constance-Saintana-underwear- ref by AilwynRaydom
Constance-Saintana-casual-outfit ref by AilwynRaydom

I have done those so far ^^; 
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Ahhh thank you so much honey <33 I hope things go my way too. ;;w;; but I wish so much for you too!!
Exactly! You already have a plan >: ) And sometimes that's all you need!

I saw you finished her pirate outfit!! She is just such a gorgeous lady ;; I really look forward to seeing her other outfits!! She's just a really pretty character.
I'd love to draw her sometime. UwU And aw! I really look forward to seeing your reference aaa <33
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your very kindhearted my dear Im sure things will go to a better place soon,
have to keep on beliving for the greater good and always try your best :3 :hug:

Indeed ;) 

thanks a lot ^//^ I am very happy with her myself Im so glad you enjoy her design
as well. :3 You are more then welcome to draw her if you want, I would be super happy. :heart:

:giggle: good to know ;) yay!
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She looks cool as a toon :D
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Very sweet  ^_^
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thank you =)

welcome back from the vacation! =D
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