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Mermay 2018

So this picture took me a month to finish. I really had a hard time because of work and well other things. 
But I finally did it, might be a one day late. Because of the whole May thing, but hey I think I did my very best
here. I hope you guys enjoy this as well. 

All characters belongs to me :

From up to bottom:

Lineiway, Umiko, Ailwyn, Triple, Caron and Ziyi. 

Art and characters (c) Annie The Green Kitty aka AilwynRaydom 
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© 2018 - 2021 AilwynRaydom
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I can tell a lot work was put into it, there's a lot of details and effects mended so well. You're really good at coloring and matching the scenery with the characters and their surroundings. I really get the feel that i'm underwater with them. Beautiful work, i'm loving these underwater themes and shading techniques you put into each piece. :D 
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thank you kindly ;w; I was not sure if people did understand how much
time I put into this one, because I didnt get that much respond at this
one from the beginning but it has slowly grown on people and now they
realize the efford I did put on it. And Im glad you can see it as well, it really
warms my heart to know you see all the hard work I have been puting down
to it. I normaly dont opend up about my artwork, but this one was a special pice 
at the time and I felt it needed more attention and you gave it very much. =) 
Sorry for the long respond ^^;
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No problem, I don't mind the responds. I'm glad there is  feed back being given in return and recognized with the work you create. You deserve more. You work very hard on each piece I've seen through the years. :D   

I took forever to respond ;_; 
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Oh no dont be sad my friend. :3 Im always glad you respond
dont matter the time, it always comes as a happy suprise
for me. ^^ 

Your comment makes me tear up and cry in a good way. :hug:
I deeply appriciate your comments. I had some things going on
in life that have made art less active to say. But comments like
yours gives my heart energy and passion to work some. =D
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A month well spent!  :D
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thank you very much =)
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oh the image you've been working on! :D
I can see why it took a while. If I had to do that many characters at once it would take me forever too. XD
I love how they all came out. But I have to say that I really love Lineiway's and Ailwyn's poses and expressions. :) I also really like their tail textures, especially Umiko's is very unique looking. 
You did an amazing job on this. :D
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Yes it is =)

Im very happy with the expressions of the characters myself. 
It was very fun to design their tales as well, I found very fun
patterns over the net and just wanted to be cerative :3

thank you so much my friend :hug:
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you're welcome :aww:
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