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My humans so far, more will come ^^ 

from left to right : Caron, Ailwyn, Grey, Matt, Inia, Solaria 

Characters (c) AnnieThegreenKitty aka AilwynRaydom 
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© 2020 - 2021 AilwynRaydom
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Nice work. How's things going?

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I thought I commented on them before.. but maybe you showed me them in a note. Can't remember. X3;

Anyways, I like all their designs, they look really cool. Love Grey and Matt's clothing design and Inia looks so pretty. I think it's a nice combination the blue dress and the pink hair. :D

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I think you did =) but it was on the Raydom family one ;)

This is for all my humans I will post them up here, almost like the same

thing as you did with your Argathar people, but I will just post their designs

only, I am doing something similar with Amon's race too but it goes slowly ^^;

thank you so much, I am so excited over their designs too, simple but still looks fine XD

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oh..that might be it. X3;

Yeah these things take time.. D: But it's nice to see you're working on them.


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