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Finally done yay Im so happy hoe it came out! :heart: 
My lovely dear friend Coraleana made a super nice belly dancer design for Constance.… ( go and check it awesome :dance:  )

And I needed to make a ref of it, and it took longer then expected ^^; but oh yes Im so happy how it turned out. 8D She looks so awesome and she match so well with certain someone ;)… 

I will make an update tomorrow if I have time over things happening in life right now and also try to reply to art and comments if I got some time over. :3  Once again thanks Coral, I love her design and eveyrhting, it was super fun to draw. :giggle: :3

Constance (c) Annie The GreenKitty aka AilwynRaydom
Belly Dancer clothes design (c) Coraleana

Casual Outfit…
Renewed Casual Outfit 2…
Pirate Outfit…
Formal wear…
Agartha Outfit…
Belly Dancer…
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you're welcome, glad you like it. :D

It's awesome to see this ref done. I really do think that outfit looks awesome on her!

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I very much did, I just hope I did the ref justice ^^; X3

She really looks super nice in it. I think it's very fun when you create a cloth design and then I can make refs, I some times have idea dry out so this got me excited. X)

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Yep you sure did! :heart:

Well you know if you ever want me to design any kind of outfit for you, all you need to do is ask. ;) You know how much I love designing.

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Well these is this outfit I want a redesign

Constance Saintana Casual Ref 2

she had this outfit for a while and I want it to be hot up a little bit :3 maybe with a diffrent point of view from someone else it could be done . I was planing to add it in as it is to the new design style of ref Im doing now, but I think it needs something or remade all together, maybe you got something in mind if you want ? =)

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I could always give it a go. Although there are a few things I'd need to know.

  1. Do you want to keep this color scheme? and if not do you have one in mind?

  2. You say 'hot it up' X3, does that mean you want something like this but more sexy? Or would you rather have something totally new?

  3. Do you want to keep her hair like this? Or rather a new hairdo?

So yeah just let me know and I'll try my best to work my magic.. XD;;

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Sure it's good you ask questions ;)

  1. You can do however you want, but I think I want to have something red in the outfit at least. So thats my only wish for now. =)

  2. Not nessersarly sexy but more detailed maybe thats what I meant with it ;) but if you turn her sexy your more then welcome ;) her character design is pretty sexy in general so XD !

  3. You can change her hair if you want no problem with that. =)

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okay. :D I'll keep those in mind.

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Great character design.

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