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Chaos Coffee

This is a commission for my friend darkblueeyes she wanted me to draw
Rouge the bat and Mephiles the dark having a relaxing time at a cafe place. =)
I hope this is what you wanted and thank you so much for commission me again.
The money have been a very big help for me and my husband. :hug:

I got one more commission to go and hopefully I will announce in a journal that I will
do more commissions. If someone whats one of course. =) Im very great full for all
people who have been helping us this far in our financial crises.

Art (c) AnnieTheGreenKitty/AilwynRaydom
Commissioner (c) darkblueeyes
Characters (c) Sega
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© 2017 - 2021 AilwynRaydom
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Are they in France or something? Rouge's clothes and the decoration of the cafe give me that kind of impression. :) Rouge looks very stylish in that outfit by the way; she reminds me of some kind of detective. And her pose is super elegant and outstanding! :wow: Mephiles looks a bit more serious though. XD But I guess that's what he is like. So I can say that you managed to bring out their original personalities very well. :) 
    That sign on the wall is kinda cute and it fits the characters and the wallpaper. I especially like the text:'' Chaos Coffee''. :D
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They maybe are in France ;-) i will let you and the other viewers decide that. Im so happy you think i got the personalites right on them. And also that you enjoy the design of the room :-) thank you very much for your comment :-)
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Love the overall scene, the background look amazing (I need that poster in the background! XD). As always, you've done an amazing job , go you :clap:
AilwynRaydom's avatar
Thank you very much my friend :hug: Sure go a head and get the poster hehe ;-)
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I guess even evil needs it's coffee  :XD:
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Very Cool work you done.^_^
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it does look very relaxed. I love their poses, Mephiles especially looks super relaxed in that pose.
You did an amazing job on this Annie. :D
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aw thanks Coral :3 :hug:
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looks great nice work
AilwynRaydom's avatar
thank you so much =)
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Ahh! Thank you so much friend! I love it! You did an amazing job on capturing the characters outfit and looks. :D  I love the background too, the coffee symbols and patterns are amazing. :aww: I'm glad it helped in some way. :hug: 
AilwynRaydom's avatar
Oh god I was so nervous XD
thank you , Im so happy you liked it so much :hug:
You are always a big help my friend : 3
darkblueeyes's avatar
No problem. :hug: I am glad to have helped in any way I can. 
I love your style and the work you produce. :D
Thank you again, you did an amazing job. :aww:
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aw thats so kind of you =) :hug:
Im glad you like my style. I havent got a compliment like
that in years. Thank you : 3 :hug:
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hey this is nice, I like how they both turn out :3 nice work!
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Aw thank you : 3 :hug: makes me so happy!
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For the love of God, why?!?
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