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Aurora Romandej Police Uniform

A ref for my police uniform of Aurora… 

Aurora is  part of the Aqua Police Department in a small underwater city, Nerida. 

Aurora is wearing a police uniform that comes in 2 colors, purple/white or blue/white. On the ear is a headseth and she is holding her gun Sea Blaster, its shooting pink lazer ~ Its her private gun she got premission from the force to use. She have a police gun but prefer her own. 

Myscar are based on two water tribes that decided to join into one tribe. Those two tribes had no name on their people at the beginning. The common haircolor on Myscar people are brown and lightbrown almost orange somtimes. Skincolor can be both green and darker brown, eye color can vary. 

Aurora (c) AilwynRaydom aka AnnieTheGreenKitty 

Police Uniform…
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She looks awesome. :heart:

I love her outfit and I think the colors go very well with her skin colors. :D

It's so awesome you got this done! :la:

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thank you =) it sure was very fun to design her. Its been a very long time since i was this creative with a cloth design. I was watching a lot of diffrent color patterns before i find something that fit with her. I had her colors before to be purple and brown and green, but not this version more grey tones and lighter and darker and not so strong colors as I had before. Some old clothes she had before I will redesign to something better and some I scrap. =)

Im very excited to have it done thank you =D !

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Glad you had fun with it. Creating should always be a fun process, I sure always have fun with it. :)

I do like the less strong colors you picked.

Sounds good. :D

AilwynRaydom's avatar

I start to enjoy it too ;)

yeah I enjoy not so strong colors these days as I mentioned another time. Sometimes it's fun just splashing with colors but only if it fits the characters personality or culture :3

Yay! =D

Coraleana's avatar

very true. Though now that I think about it, I think I always use strong colors.. maybe I should experiment more with softer ones like the ones you used. ^^;

AilwynRaydom's avatar

You could experiment if you want to. You might discover diffrent color ways you havent seen before and maybe excite you. =) I think thats why I changed my view of things. And I think if you use more faded or darker or lighter colors the stronger colors will come out more and almost glow like a color effect. :3 Next time you design an outfit it could be fun for you to give ago. ;)

Coraleana's avatar

I'll definitely do that. :)

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