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Ala-Manica The Echidna

Sorry for not be around. Still got no internet and life is a bit bleh right now.
But I manage to finnish :iconaneia11: commission. I really wanted to make it
special for her. So I did try my hardest. I hope you like it my friend. =)

Ala-Manica The Echidna (c) :iconaneia11:
Art (c) Annie The Green Kitty / AilwynRaydom
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© 2016 - 2021 AilwynRaydom
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oh my, Annie, this looks awesome! :D
I totally love how you drew the character. The pose looks amazing and is very well done. Love how her face came out and especially her hands.
I also really love those lanterns in the background. The detail of them is incredible. :)
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thank you. =) She paied a lot of money for this pice so I wanted to give her all my best.
I plan to make something more for her much later on. She was very generous. =)

I had very fun with the lanterns. I got little carried away XD
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Please dear, you really don't have to, I was just trying to help <3
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Oh I know :hug: but I want to show my appreciation some how more to you. Your very kind. =)
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I do appreciated the thought but please don't feel pressured to do it. Your thanks was enough :hug: <3
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aww =) :hug: your to kind.
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I'd say she got her money's worth, because this one really is so awesome. I was totally impressed. :D
I think it's really nice of you to want to make her something else as well. She must have paid a whole lot. X3
Getting carried away can be a good thing in art. XD It often leads to what they call 'happy accidents', and good results. ;)
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Aw you ^//^
She was very kind :nod: =)

Oh sure your totally right about that. =)
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Mysterious.  And pretty  ^_^
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Thank you so much :-)
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I love it! Thank you so so much!
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Im very happy you liked it so much :-) :hug:
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