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I hope this helps show people how to give credit where it is due, especially in photo manipulations. It bugs me when I come across beautiful pictures that don't have credits, because then how do I know its really your work? I mean, if its your stock or whatever, go on ahead and say its yours.
Don't just leave it blank, let us know the mastermind ;)

Edit: I finally made a new tutorial for this, and updated it here in this location. The old one was becoming quite obsolete so I hope this helps answer any new questions! By the way, if you want more tutorials, on anything I do, let me know, yeah? I love sharing the power! lol :D

Edit 2: Please mind the date of this tutorial. I do plan on updating it soon, so it’s potentially a little obsolete again! I’m not on dA very often lately but I do try to answer questions when I get a chance!

PS: I'm sorry for my crappy handwriting. It's always bad and even worse when I'm trying to write on the tablet. I will never understand why I can draw beautifully but then my handwriting sucks. OH WELL! :D (I also apologize for my typos. (make, instead of makes.) Whatever.)
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Does doing this not work anymore?