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Brony Hero of Equestria VN Edition (link in desc.)

Here it is: The super-special visual novel edition of ‘Brony Hero of Equestria’! Chances are you’re here for a download, so let’s get you sorted first (you can read the rest of this in whatever time your system takes to download 210Mb). At this time the game is Windows (or Windows emulator) compatible only, but I’m hopeful about a Mac and/or Android port later (no promises though.) Just extract and play! Now brave brony, go jump through that portal and save/destroy Equestria!

One of the following should work!………!1Q5kxQ5L!hfU9IOCQP0M…  

Cool? Still waiting for that download to finish? Have some production notes while you wait!

UPDATE #3: Curious about all the secret stuff that's hidden away in the game? I whipped up a quick and dirty 'secrets guide'! Get it here (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD OBVIOUSLY):…

UPDATE #2: So, I screwed up and despite all the checking didn't give everyone the credit they deserve, and by 'everyone' I mean EStories ( I can't apologize enough, and I promise I never meant to use any art without giving much deserved credit to the wonderful people who make it! I'd like to think that's been my only error, but please, if I messed up anyone else's attribution LET ME KNOW! Please? 

UPDATE: Thanks to Equestria Daily for featuring this! And to Alexstrazsa for his video feature!…

This is the product of about a month of odd hours here and there, as well as a lot of resources from a lot of different (and very talented) people and a mix of beverages both caffeinated and alcoholic. It was built entirely using Tyranobuilder.

For those of you who played the original HTML version of the game on fimfiction you’ll notice that this one is slightly different; through the magic of technology it’s no longer Groundhog Day in Equestria and characters actually remember what you’ve done, and your choices have consequences that can’t be undone (within boundaries, I ain’t Bethesda or Bioware). There are a number of new scenes that weren't in the original; try revisiting areas and see what’s changed after key events! (Save scumming is totally legit!) :P  

On the same note, all the content in the original game is in here… yup, ALL the content. ;)

The original game/fic was posted in 2012, a week after the season 2 finale. A lot of the content and jokes reflect the fandom and show at that time. If you’re new to the fandom, some of the jokes and observations might seem odd or dated, they’re NOT, they’re RETRO dammit! :P


‘Choose Your Own Adventure: Brony Hero of Equestria’  was conceived and written by Blueshift, check out the original game and a ton of other great fics at…

Additional writing (basically anything that wasn’t in the original fic) and all technical work (formatting, scripting, programming etc.) by Ailurus Fulgens (that’s me!)

All music composed and produced by Greg Hoffman (FiMFlamFilosophy) and used under the very generous licensing terms of his releases. Find more of Greg’s amazing work (audio, visual and textual) at

Background art by:

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Character art by:

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Insert and additional art by:

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Phew! Massive thanks to everyone involved, this wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing community that orbits MLP like an asteroid belt of awesome. Hope you enjoy it!
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codshin's avatar
This turned out rather nice! XD
I really enjoy the game and it made me laugh several times, but unfortunately the save function seems kind of broken...

It's ok to only have 5 save slots and all, but once the slots are used you can't seem to overwrite an existing save with a new one. :(
AilurusFulgen5's avatar
Heya! Sorry I'm late to reply- thanks for the kind words! Sorry to hear the save function isn't working for you though- that's not a problem I encountered in any of the test copies, and you certainly should be able to overwrite saves! Any chance you can give me some info about your OS? No promises (nad it could be a compatibility error from Tyrannobuilder) but I'll bugfix it if I can! :)
codshin's avatar
Well, it's not such a big deal since I had fun with it anyways and the game's short enough, but thanks nonetheless ;)

My OS is a Windows 7 Professional with SP1 (64Bit, currently up-to-date with all windows updates) running on a Intel Core i3-4150 CPU at 3,5GHz, 8GB RAM and with a AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB GDDR5 RAM) grafix card.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Very well done. I was happily surprised that you actually put in alternate dialogue for returning to previous selections. Besides that, the music, sound effects and visuals are all solid. The extra hidden content was a nice surprise as well.
Do the unreachable chapters exist in this game? I thought ctrl-alt-E would get me one of them, but no dice apparently.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
I had the same thought. I need to figure out how to marry both Luna and Fluttershy! :D
AilurusFulgen5's avatar
Yup, they ARE in there, promise! (And while Ctrl-alt-E would be an awesome way to hide them, I couldn't wrangle that kind of functionality from Tyranobuilder). If you're stuck/curious here's the 'how to' guide (MAJOR SPOILERS FOR SECRETS though)…
I remember this story.

I wonder if the game has the same secrets? I guess I'll find out.
redrojo17's avatar
This is so stupid and I love it!
AilurusFulgen5's avatar
Still stuck? Here's the 'secrets guide' that tells you how (MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD though):…
Daralydk's avatar
ok...just moment I've noticed this on EqD I wanted to see it
downloading and will play tomorrow - once I finish my last nightshift :-)

I was big fan of so called "Gamebooks" when I was smaller, so CYOA will definitely be fun
Kachu-AppleKiwi's avatar
Oh dear...a fanfic has ascended into a fan game. No content was removed either...I'll have to be careful as there are many paths I do not wish to wander XD Awesome job guys! I can't wait to get all endings (with the exception of all THOSE endings).
Cringe worthy, depressing, reevaluate own life, nothing of what I thought a brony is, Stereotype, totally un-relatable, writing is good. All I'm gonna say.
creepermin3's avatar
Awesome I can't wait to try it :D
RestartBob's avatar
Oh hey, Greg music. That means quality! 
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