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NostalgiaTrip pt.1

While doing my usual practices I just had a sudden urge to draw things that made some sort of impact on me when I was young. I choose anime (shows for this one ) because it dominated most of my interests as a kid- 

None of these characters belongs to me and its alll fanart. 
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So much nostalgic feelings... *haaa* They were glorious times for animes !
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Oh man, Tokyo Mew Mew! Good lord, that was my first manga like, 16 years ago when I was still a girly girl!  xD :heart:
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i love seeing all these!
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So happy to see Air Gear on this but all of them are lovable drawn and bring back happy memories 
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MEDABOTS !!!! I need to watch it again i have never see the end
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So wait I didn't halucinate Meta-bots? I found one VHS at a bibles for missions in 2009-ish and another VHS at a walmart in 2011-ish. (That makes two times I've gone to a walmart and it had mysteriously old stock, The second time was an original Xbox game behind glass in 2015 for $30.) I think it was volumes two and three. I seem to recall it was a good show, of all the pokemon-likes I wish had taken off that would be the one! I also almost desrtoyed one of them by putting it in a faulty VHS player. Thankfully it just spat it out. 

Great piece all together! love some older stuff getting some love!
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Let's go let it rip Beyblade oh no Oh No
Childhood. Also Tokyo Mew Mew, something a former friend read while everyone else read books and was jealous xD 6th grade memories
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Is that tamaki I see there?
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Seeing Naruto and Jiraiya always makes me tear up.Crying Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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Aww i remember these anime shows! I feel so nostalgic! XD
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Is that Kawaii-Chan from Aphmau?
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Nope thats from tokyo mew mew.
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I love ur naruto narutos my childhood show
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My Childhood omg this is amazing
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Scrapped Princess! Now that's a HELLA blast from the past (in terms of early 2000s light novel adaptations I read about in Newtype USA)
Besides that, I recognize Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Tiger Mask, Ranma 1/2, Soul Eater, Rozen Maiden, Beyblade, Medabots, Death Note and Tokyo Mew Mew
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I could recognize at least a good 80% of these. really cool, good job!

(I should really finish rozen maiden)
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