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Some more fanart agh
Journey is a really beautiful game
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Just played the game and this exact thing happened.

Man this game is brilliant.
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Oh, they're struggling but struggling together.
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*broke into tears*
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This game was beautiful... T^T *sniff* So beautiful...
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Look at this again while listening to apotheosis and it's BETTER
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journey was probably one of the best games I've ever played, and this image realy captures the feel of that segment, amazing art, keep up the good work ☺
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This is fantastic! Amazing job! I love how you depicted the frost.Heart 
wow, its realy beautifull!!!!
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Simply amazing. 
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Right in the kokoro.
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the feeel! Cry forever 
however, very, very beautiful piece! 
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I know this pic isn't recent, but your work is absolutely fantastic! Great job!
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Poodz - Bengt! I love U bro! Never give up.
Bengt - ...
Poodz - Bengt remember when U take me to the China Restaurant?
Bengt - ...
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This is beautiful!
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Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I've featured this lovely creation in my journal art feature here. Have a great Sunday!
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Ugh I remember the first time I played Journey. It was the best cathartic reaction I've ever experienced. 
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This picture is awesome :) the game is beautiful too :)
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I play this game when I can't sleep.
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Love this.  Game also amazing too. Keep up the great work artist 
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