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Feature Time! Part 5

Thu Apr 14, 2011, 5:54 PM
It seems that my inspiration decided to take some vacations.
Right now, I have no new ideas. I just doodle while I travel, but nothing has called my attention yet.

This week's favorite artists letters are P-V


And my random deviant of the week is kaber13
:iconkaber13: He has got such amazing digital paintings.

My favorite works of him were these:

When I grow up by kaber13 Swan Song by kaber13

Mature Content

Jungle Snake by kaber13
The Rising Storm by kaber13 Ship of the Damned Printable by kaber13 Glass Water Bay by kaber13

Thoughts of the week: I've lately seen people complaining about DeviantArt getting too "mature". Of course I'm talking about those images and photographs which are considered by some people as "pornographic". Some others claim that we should accept them, since everything is art. Which is true, there's nothing wrong about our naked bodies, though sometimes it's a taboo issue. But I believe that an artist's work is meant to be touching and unique. There are some photos I've seen, which -to me- are exactly the opposite (those people who look like camwhores). Now, the thing is, they are not breaking any rules. And I can also say that some of my works might sometimes not look "unique", but people are not going to report me for that.

One of my favorite artists, vesner, posted an interesting journal about this topic, which is probably more detailed than mine and it sure clears a lot of things up: REPORT FROM DA HQ - dA's reporting system and porn

TigresaDaina Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
waaa! que hago entre esos artistas tan grosos!!! D= :hug: Gracias Ail!! :glomp: Es verdad lo que decis del arte y del porn... hoy en dia mi sobrina de 8 años se muere por entrar a DA ... y tiene que esperar hasta los 13, solo porque cada vez que apretas DEVIANTART browser... entre hermosos dibujos ahi un traste,,, un par de lolas y a veces peor! habian dichop años atras que terminaria eso..pero veo que empeora mas y mas. Se que el nude forma parte del "arte" pero creo que ya es demaciado
Ailoncha Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No hay de qué. Es que no sólo están en la lista quienes aprecio por su calidad de artistas, sino
también por como son como personas :heart:

Exactamente es lo que trataba de decir. Que hay una diferencia entre ver un desnudo artístico, que puede llegar a ser provocativo o erótico, no lo niego, pero hay muchas fotos acá que parecen sacadas por webcam o con una cámara muy mala, así nomás y solamente para mostrar el cuerpo y sin ningún fundamento artístico. Es como decía, si quiero ver una foto de esas puedo buscarla en Google tranquilamente. No tiene nada de especial, sino todo lo contrario...
TigresaDaina Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sip... eso es muy cierto ><
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