Through the orc hills, a story game 6

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Orc Hills - Map

The end of it all, yes really.

Tinytusks was good at many things, even if his planning was a mash of improvisation, sheer luck and whim. But this time it had worked out much better than he ever thought. Not one of the teen explorers ever trusted her leader again, and by ones and in twos, they sneaked away from her towards home. And by ones and by twos, Tinytusks goblins captured each and everyone until only Kraal the half elf and Peppin the full hobbit remained with Deedsie. And these two were soon put under the yoke, too.

Which yes, it is a figure of speech, nor like Tinytusks had a good yoke lying around. Maybe a bad joke or two, but that's another matter.

So when Tama, went back home to tell the city of "how horrible these goblins were" and the terrible fate that would befall on his "friends" as slaves of the orcs, he wasn't too much of a liar. And we finally returned to guide the small cavalry detachment to deliver the ransom the whole thing went quite smoothly. Two hundred coins for the return of the first kid, and two crowns more for each remaining one, plus a final payment for Deedsie and the promise of leaving the guards and the kids alone and safe for the "orc horde" that would kill them.

Later, that night

Tama had sneaked away from the guards for the "evil" "bassardly" goblin had also demanded his return as part of the ransom for all the others. He had, of course, volunteered, just begging one little favor from the city: amnesty from ma, da, and his siblings that had never done too wrong, just picking one little pocket or two.

"Smarty, that's a job fwordingly well done. 1200 gold crowns... how you did...?"

"I'm a beggar, a poor orphan, I know how to tell a story, and I was begging for their own nice, pampered girls and boys with their sweet eyes and soft toes. Easy peasy, cheese squeazy"

"Ah... well done... now all of you, good-for-nothins this is our new gawky kid: Smarty! All hail him and let him carry the gold. It's way heavy and we have a long way ahead, so let's our little slave carry it for us."

Tama smiled. Tinytusks was kidding, right?



He couldn't...

Tinytoosks waited until the kids face seemed about to explode. "Nah, just kidding loot, whatever you'd be that's for the Warlord to decide, but with that many gold, we shall see, we shall see. I think I might have a new plan... just wait, something will come up...

[No dice this time, they weren't needed as I was just closing the game]

Dear reader, any characters you'd like to see again?
What would ever become of Tama?
Will Tinytusks become the Warlord himself.
But that's for new story games... for this is
(of this one)
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Further adventures of Tinytusks might indeed be very interesting :plotting:

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And he'll plan them ahead... nah... as he goes

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I expect no less. V__V