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liv tyler

By Ailidh
This is one hell of a crappy Liv sketch. I can NOT draw hair to save my life. I just can't get the hang of it. I tried mechanical pencils, normal pencils, drafting pencils. Nothing works. I'm very open to any tips someone might have about this matter. ;p

I used a reference. About four hours. Used a 2B and 6B pencil.

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But after the hell you earn one great work. Fantastic.
Itsgood2berin's avatar
..........TEACH ME!!!! :O
This is just.....oh my god! No words, no words.
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Featured in my journal!
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You are damn good!
i love it. as long as it looks like that and its about Liv I love it. Genious
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the hair looks really good!
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don't know what ur talkin about. it looks utterly amazing. the way the lighting is drawn makes the hair look perfect. so fantastic job, really.
This is amazing! but if you want darker lines for your hair detailing, try charcoal pencils, you can get them at walmart. But this is still really good.
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I love Liv.
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OMG o_O great job !! you have an amazing talent :o

very good job =)
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Could I ask what the original size of the drawing was? :) The eyes are simply stunning. I'm guessing the original is quite large because there's quite a lot of detail, but maybe I'm wrong. :)
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Are you for real? This is fantastic!
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Beautyful...! Great shadows! :) Keep up
Ailidh's avatar
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This is fantastic, her eye especially looks amazing.
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This is probably the best portrait drawing on here. Down straight this is the best drawing I have ever seen most likely. Good job.
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fantastic work on the eyes! i understand your frustration with hair, it's challenging at the best of times and i'm never happy with the way it turns out but i think you've done a fab job here :) it's really lovely :D
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A M A Z I N G ! ! ! Well done, this is such a good pencil work :clap:

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i like the contrast here a lot. the eyes have a wonderful translucency to them too. nice! :D
codexseries2's avatar
i don't know about the hair! for me are ok! :nod:
i like how good you draw Tyler's eye expression! she has aleady a great looking and in your drawing it is really equal to hers! :worship:
Smeagoldfish's avatar
Wow! ........Speechless, welldone!
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You can't draw hair? Obviously you can't see either because everything in this piece is amaaaaazing! Just wow. I do understand though, the frustrations of hair. I have to force myself to do portraits with difficult detail in the hair in order to improve, and I don't even know that I have. My favorite art mentor once told me that when doing any part of a person, whether it be lips, hands, feet, hair, whatever, forget outlining the shape of it, and just draw the shades you see. Because when you draw the shape of something, you mentally lock yourself into it. I don't know if you've heard this all already, if you have, sorry I wasted your time. Keep drawing though! You definately have an enormous amount of talent. :+fav:
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ookeee your crappy is my masterpiece.
the hair looks fine but i guess we're all our own worst critic.
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