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The sapient weapon
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Here we have our companion character for GoA, Flux! Flux is an ancient artifact whose origin is shrouded in mystery. What is known is that Flux has many great magical powers; however, when Erinn first meets it, Flux is weak and needs Erinn to help restore it's power. As a trade-off, Flux can use it's power to help Erinn discover the whereabouts of their brother. And the more powerful Flux becomes, the more it shows....

This is the last "real" sheet I'll make for GoA. This doesn't mean other characters won't have sheets, it's just... Uh, this might be a bit too personal but I tend to follow some rules in creating because they seem like "the right way" to do things, but they don't necessarily work for me and I have to make the effort to break this idea of the right way and discover my own way of doing things.
And these traditional sheets, with the exact proportions in every pose, they seem so sterile, and I really have no fun doing it, it's more of a chore tbh, and yeah it looks profissional, but it's not me ykno? So this will be the last "pretty" sheet and the next ones will be more disorganized but also more organic :3

Anyway I talked a bit too much :P So look forward to the next sheets because some of my favorite characters are up next!
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