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The Unbound Pawn

Edit: Refined some details and the blade's design.

Well, here’s a companion piece to: [link]

Now for the lore. =P


Were it in his former plan, Dysiren knew it not.

He shared his mate’s thoughts and knew the world they once bickered within was a shallow, malicious one. For all the years he watched Sirula carefully spin her web of deceit and treachery with an impossible ambition, he watched and carried it out when her hand had to be kept hidden. It was a life he both detested and abided by, for it gave him purpose; a role in her little game of houses he knew he was capable of surviving within.

She, however, he truly did despise.

Were it not for his loyalty, Dysiren would have been her omega. There were times he looked to her slender neck and dreamt how it would break within his hand; imagining a thousand deaths upon her when he was not inside her and controlled by his primal urges. True, it was the beast within that kept him loyal by her side; like a lion would lie with his pride and protect them. It was his mind, however, that judged her harshly and came close to leading himself to commit a hateful act that would have stripped him of his servitude to her. But at what cost? He treated his loyalty to Sirula like an unshakeable oath; following her orders without question and warming her bed whenever she so desired. Yet all he really was to her in those times was a mere chess piece she could use.

That was until he could follow her no more. When that day came, Dysiren became more than whatever Sirula ever thought of him. He became her life; a bringer of hope. Even when their world came crashing down around them and sentenced both to unwanted graves and worse, he remained as her shield and full of pride that made even the greatest champions of Lolth look like dulled blades in her eyes. It was then when things began to change between them that Dysiren saw something different than hate in Sirula, who became something few drow women could fathom; an equal by his side. Whether it was unconditional or not was for her to decide.


lol, now if only I had back to back calendar spots for *Kanuka76's '09 Drowinside Calendar…

But it wasn’t in the cards, and this merely came afterward because ol’ Dys deserved an artwork of his own. Came out better than I originally expected too, although for some reason I’m not overly happy with the blade or vambrace’s designs. Still, there’s a couple of things here that I’m quite happy with that I don’t normally attempt, which I think I’ll begin to practice more. Let’s just say I’m being less critical with smoothing out rough linework…

Artwork/Dysiren/Sirula/Lore - © Kristopher P. Love
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Ahhh this is magic! I love it. Do you have one where we can see his face? ✨

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For this character? Sadly, it's been forever since I've drawn him yet I suppose his design was adopted for another... mostly. ^^;

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Luv the hair, the subtle coloring...
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I like the story behind the picture :) 
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Great stuff!!
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I love both the pic and the story.
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very... dramatic :D
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WOW. Just wow. this is sooo good.. i wish i could draw people.. drow in particular. i can't stop looking at his hair XD and the vambrace.. detail is extraordinary..
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Thank you. =D

Been a while since I've gone for the drow look too...
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Very nice, I love this
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:D Wauw... I love the texture in his robe and the blade... true <3 I must say ^__^ and then, who wouldn't love a hot drow! Good work! =D
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Thank you very much. =D
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am speachless...
bravo!!! :clap::clap::clap::clap:
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