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Relic Concept - V

lol, admittedly, this was meant to be a concept for a drow illustration that's nearing completion. Yet as I got further along creating this, it became less of what I wanted for that, so it's ended up as a relic concept instead. The story behind this one hasn't really been fleshed out, in any case, although, indeed, this blade resonates an evil aura, so I may state that it was wielded by one of Sinalazul's generals, during the Chaos Era. That's not a certainty, though...

Artwork - © Kristopher P. Love
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Very nice... the blade almost looks crystalline...
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Aye, although it wasn't intentional at first. Gives me good practice for when I may try my hand at that other commission we talked about a couple of months back. =)

Haha, now that I look at it, it's like I've drawn good and evil swords side by side in my gallery. Wonder if this one would fit somehow in your universe against Thryvanstael? =P
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:D Yeah! You have such a talent for weapons.

This is a great piece again, and yes, it would probably stand beside Thryvanstael (or in opposition). It kind of reminds me of a vampiric sword in my world (the crystal in the pommel goes from clear to dark blood red as it inflicts more wounds, and then can unleash 'blood magic' attacks.)
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Well, maybe we could treat this as an adopted commission? I'm not overly sure if its design would fit in my world, (Although I'm sure I could think of something...) so I'm leaving it open to you if you feel it could belong in your world's armoury instead, with a little customization if need be. =)
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With some minor modifications, it would be a dead ringer for the vampiric sword I discussed above.
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Sounds like we may have ourselves another concept for your world then... which has got me thinking about something else, but I'll let you know about that later on. =P
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Ok. :D Standing by. :D
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