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Alluring Darkness



"In her youth, Mieth was an unholy predator in the darkest reaches of this forest. She would spin her webs of lust and deceit, enticing weary travellers toward her secret haunts where she oft had her way with them till they were little more than ravaged husks, left abandoned to fates cruel and ending. Those few who managed to survive an encounter with her usually owed their lives to Alaina's children prowling after the witch's scent, for even a travelling bard knows there are still many unknown horrors where she lurks. Even the druids here are fearful of them, yet as for Mieth one could say she remains the only creature the horrors truly fear. Ironic that they would still fear her even to this day despite the knowledge that her natural sight has been lost since the day she learnt everlasting humility. Still, perhaps this is why Alaina is merciful to the ageless nymph, for who else would keep the horrors at bay when her children rarely venture beyond where the sunlight knows it cannot touch? Strange that if one should meet her nowadays, they see her as an ally and not what she once was. Oh how some change... even souls lost to Sin's embrace.  Strange times, indeed."
-- Abelan

Another art now available as a print!  Again, should anyone purchase one, I'd love to see how they'll look on a wall with a pic or two. =)

Artwork // Mieth, The Blind Witch // Lore - © Kristopher P. Love
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I love this piece, it's like an Eldar is having a nightmare, or is trapped on a demon world with nothing but her wits and soulstone. Either way, excellent work!