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Hello there!

Favourite Visual Artist
God. Yes, THE God. His natural art has inspired creativity since dot.
Favourite Movies
Seven Samurai, The Fifth Element, The Goonies, Yojimbo and Sanjuro, Willow, Empire Strikes Back, Alita, Trading Places, Coming to America, John Carter, Mad Max 2, Dark City, Gattaca & the Blade Runner films.
Favourite TV Shows
Space Battleship Yamato, Berserk, Record of Lodoss War, Last Exile, Violet Evergarden, Gundam 08th MS Team, Fantastic Children (2004), Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, Avatar: TLA, The Clone Wars, etc!
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kokia, Bear McCreary, Yoko Kanno, James Horner and more!
Favourite Games
Skies of Arcadia. Without a doubt the most inspirational game ever.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Sadly, the most underrated one of all time: The Sega Dreamcast.
Tools of the Trade
CS6, an Intuos4 6x9 Medium tablet, and a decade ol' PC...
Other Interests
World Building, Sunsets, Waterfalls, Tennis and other stuff!
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As I mentioned the other day, my new PC has been down and out after it was revealed its overpriced graphics card was faulty and was sent away for tests. Sadly, my techie wasn't able to convince them that I should have received a replacement so I'm in it for the long haul now and might not have things operational for a month till the faulty card is repaired back at the wonderful world of ASUS HQ. ... can you tell I don't think highly of their products, atm? Also, NVIDIA can suck it after this. Never had trouble with AMD cards. -_-; Anyhoo, I won't bore you with anymore details there. Creatively, I guess you could say I'm caught in a tight spot with all these technical difficulties I've been having of late but on the bright side it's given me time to re-evaluate where I'm at and what's the plan going forward. Three things come to mind. Bloodlines, Wildfire and... a translating job. The first two mentioned are working titles at this point. Bloodlines will be getting a massive
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Oh boy, what a wonderful month April was and is now thankfully behind me. -_-; Long story short, the new PC was in for repairs with my techie till we deduced that the real problem with it is likely a faulty video card that is thankfully covered under warranty. Yay! Doesn't help me in the short term, though. Can't do any art and gaming is out of the question but the latter really doesn't bother me. The old PC is practically on life support, too, but at least it's still operational to a point, right? Just can't do much of anything on it. Maybe it's for the best that I have more time on my hands and relax for awhile anyway? Anxiety has been on the up so my health, mentally and physically, hasn't been all that hot. There are things I need to do yet the crippling nature of what I have makes me a fretting doofus at the most random of times. One moment I'm fine, the next I'm all out of whack. Creatively, it's like a nemesis I struggle to overcome. I really am my own worst enemy
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No polls, just genuine curiosity. =D The problem I usually face every year is wondering if there should be a change in direction or whether the path I'm on is interesting enough for my fans. As few already know I've been struggling to be creative of late so the subject of topic has come up again where I consider what I should devote more time to. I mean, is there a particular character in my gallery you like that I haven't drawn or wrote about of late or are you still keen on me exploring the story behind the Bloodlines characters in Star Wars? Maybe it's time I refocus on one of my original 'verse stories like in Dragonbound, Shadows of Naamor or Beyond Two Worlds?
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Happy New Year! :)

Happy New Year, Ronin! =D

For unto us a child was born

The Messiah who saves the world

May Your Christmas be great as ever in the light of the Savior’s love!

Blessings to you and your family as well! Merry Christmas. =D

Hello you! I see you're still on here making lovely art :)

Thanks! Still wish I was more productive, though. x_x

Don't we all? Keep it up :)