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Project Type: Fanfiction (short side story)
Series: G.I Joe / Transformers
Genre: General
Pairing: All undertones. You can read into it, but officially, no pairings. Yet.
Start Date: August 27, 2011
Rating: R for language and some mildly adult situations
A/N: Just a short little exploration into Nexus’ state of mind… also…I couldn’t sleep last night.


3.5 miles… 3.7 miles

The quiet hum of machinery in the nighttime gym seemed unnaturally loud. Although this was a base for a large scale criminal organization…people still had to sleep. Well, normal people anyways.
3.9 miles…..4.2 miles….
Nexus’s feet pounded against the dark rubber of the treadmill, her eyes closed tight as she calculated her own heart rate, respiration pace, and the speed of the machine as she ran. It was four in the morning in the freezing, empty room full of unused equipment, but Nexus didn’t
:icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 12 31
Games of Chance
Project Type: Fanfiction (short side story)
Series: G.I Joe / Transformers
Genre: General
Pairing: Still mostly undertones. A little bit of Nexus/Oppenheimer. A smidge of Nexus/CC if you insist on reading into it.
Start Date: August 27, 2011
Rating: R for language and Zartan’s vulgarity
A/N: Still have art block. Going to write some more ‘kay thanks. Takes place about a month after “Unchanged”.

It was a tense moment.
This last single move would spell life or death.
There was no room for error.
Nexus looked up, her auburn eyes focused on the two men sitting across her in quiet discussion. One of them looked up and seemed distracted, before shaking his head and bending it again to talk to the man dressed all in white. Slowly and hesitantly, the ninja reached out and moved a piece on the game board.
Too easy. Nexus glanced at her own partner. The taller woman dressed in form-fitting black leather had her eyes fixed on t
:icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 5 16
Reverie_Chapter 2_ Pg17-20 by TyrineCarver Reverie_Chapter 2_ Pg17-20 :icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 14 19 Shyvanna sketches by DestinyScythe Shyvanna sketches :icondestinyscythe:DestinyScythe 55 14 Blitzcrank's Fleshing Compatibility Services P1 by ShiNaa Blitzcrank's Fleshing Compatibility Services P1 :iconshinaa:ShiNaa 937 218 More Headbands in Cat, Bunny and Bear by AnimeNomNoms More Headbands in Cat, Bunny and Bear :iconanimenomnoms:AnimeNomNoms 263 35 Pipe - Basic Base - Cosplay Prop by Alzheimer13 Pipe - Basic Base - Cosplay Prop :iconalzheimer13:Alzheimer13 164 23 Eye Ref + sai brushes by cuteincarnate Eye Ref + sai brushes :iconcuteincarnate:cuteincarnate 1,150 16 My Brush Pack by DanLuVisiArt My Brush Pack :icondanluvisiart:DanLuVisiArt 64,008 5,171 Shyvy by Raichiyo33 Shyvy :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 714 54 Angry Poro mom by Vluekisses Angry Poro mom :iconvluekisses:Vluekisses 25 8 Pyramid of Poro's by WhimzicalWhizkerz Pyramid of Poro's :iconwhimzicalwhizkerz:WhimzicalWhizkerz 148 30 Talon's Welcoming by ShiNaa Talon's Welcoming :iconshinaa:ShiNaa 1,000 193 My Shyvana in LOL? by trifalien My Shyvana in LOL? :icontrifalien:trifalien 16 21 Ice Drake  Shyvana by fazie69 Ice Drake Shyvana :iconfazie69:fazie69 46 4 Zodiac - The Art of Revelry Contest by buraisuko Zodiac - The Art of Revelry Contest :iconburaisuko:buraisuko 229 12
(How can I not favorite these?)
So you say but at least try to control your favoriting Aikura I want to favorite mine too
(Whatever Kageryuu your favorites are wierd anyways)
Pity I can't throttle you


Journal History

  • Listening to: my music
  • Reading: whatever i can get my hands on
  • Watching: the computer....
  • Playing: lonely rock star - MP and Ashin
  • Eating: nothing (haha)
  • Drinking: tea
wow it has certainly been awhile.

Tagged by :iconmcbactual:

1. Pewdiepie, Cry, Markiplier or Smosh? (or someone else?)

hmm, I'm conflicted between Markiplier, Seananners, and Cry for this one I like them equally and they all have their own merits. Mostly i watch for entertainment purposes but it is nice when i come upon the intellectual or the more analytical aspect of some of the videos from here

2. Favorite DA artist?

ughh too many to list i do have to say beanbean markou and a couple others out there honestly i'm here for any good art that appeals to me it's fascinating to see how a person views the world through their art and it definitely gives some insight into seeing the world from a different point of view

3. Make a wish!
good grades kek and a fulfilling life
4. What are you doing right now? (don't say doing this meme)

just finished making thanksgiving dinner and eating it too (delish), and now studk with the impending doom of assignments over thanksgiving break gah

5. Where do you live?

in what sense? in my mind i guess i can live anywhere, but i live in a world that definitely has people i care about and that's all that really matters to me

tagging huh... uhm well i'm not too fond of tagging but yeee whoever so feels like  it go for it

1. Ocean or mountains?
jeez hard oceans are nice but cold although the same can be said for mountains too. i like both i'm happy with where ever though so long as i'm having fun i suppose

2. What's your favorite book?
i love a lot of books i can't really say a particular specific one, but i'd be happy to recommend any books

3. What song would you use as your entrance/battle theme?
oh shit, uhm this is difficult... this would have to be so dependent upon my mood at the time gawd
i can't think of one orz

4. What would be your ideal vacation?
traveling the world and eating with friends of course
food is always a must

5. Do you collect anything?

uhm i got no questions i think thanks for reading :)


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