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Battlefield 3 - Rainmeter

By AikoTakashi
My Rainmeter Battlefield 3 Desktop inspyred by ~reiterman
RocketDock (Blank) with TOKEN icons ~ by brsev [link]
* GeoSans (Drives) ~ by gberger [link]
* PILEUS (clock) ~ by livinglightningrod (with font Hotel Coral Essex) [link]
* Liquid Tension (CPU and RAM) ~by Liquid-Tension-vbb [link]
* Weather ~ by garbanzox [link]
* Black Glass (Calendar) ~ by LAvalon [link]
* DarkGlass ~ by Vick88 [link]
* PC Games Dock Icons ~ by molobakk [link]
CD art display - PicTAB skin (~ by AquaTemple)

Thank´s too all the artists ... keep on working like this ... you´re awesome
© 2011 - 2021 AikoTakashi
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someone tell me how to install it?

how to instal man??? please help..

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very cool and gaming look I love the idea of this rainmeter gaming skins.
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Hi I use a 42inch TV as my monitor and want to use the game launcher section at the bottom right but cant get them to work can you advice a solution please?
In the quad cpu it always displays intel core i5 and mine is intel core i7. 
Is there any way to change it?
Hey there, Okay I am a total noob, I downloaded all the files from the links you specified up there. Only PILEUS had an rmskin which got installed pretty easily just but double clicking on it. How do I go about with the other files, like all the individual folders with ini files in them, how can I used them? Please help, I am a total noob and saw your skin and love it, want to make my desktop look similar to yours. Thanks and awaiting your reply :) (Smile) 
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it has a trojan horse. nice
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I can't find those launchers that are in the right sidebar! Help me!
hello sir, may i know, how u make the icon on the right side bar ?
what launcher u use ?
i cant find in your package that i have download. please guide me.
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I play because I had to have
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How do you have to dock but you using RocketDock?
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Can you make something that i just can install this and have it on my computer?
how do you put the applications onto the sidebar?
how do get the applications onto the sidebar?
Hey, first Props to your work! Very, very nice!
But i have one question how to change the font of the Clock? Already installed the Font, but it doesnt work. Same Problem with the Calendar, the Month Font are not switchable..
Thanks for Reply.
hey i can't find the rmskin file type o.O help me
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Nice !
Actually is it possible for someone to do something alike Battlefield 3's skins, i mean, something like that health status and other but, instead of health would be an energy metter.
Does somebody gets it ? You know what i'm saying guys ? XD
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the games icons are shortcuts ? or in blank dock ?
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awesome work
here is my bf3 desktop [link]
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