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Commission: Beko+Kure

I have finally finished this scene with ladies for my partner in art crime :iconqube-core: and I'm happy with the way it turned out :3

Summer is Kure and winter is Beko, both (c) Qube-Core
Actually they are much more than just two gorgeous ladies with opposite personalities... but i'm better in drawing than writing, so you can read more in description by their master ~ (gonna add link when uploaded)

Funny thing is that we had awful weather last weeks, up to -40 and more, but it changed drastically for just several days of my final work on this art XD Today it's 7 below zero and it's great! *Thanks Kure for summer vibes*

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This is absolutely gorgeous!! Love Love Love 
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Дрочу на покраску с перецветами, листики и кучу прорисованных деталей.
Это очень классно. Опять убеждаюсь, что вы настоящий трудоголик)
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Спасибо огромное! Такое счастье читать подробные комменты, прям стресс от всех этих листиков слоями снимается :3 буду стараться и дальше
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thank you ^__^
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Сказочно смотрится. Особенно понравились фонарики в листве, светящиеся замерзшие капельки,газончики , терутерубозик ,книжечки на ветках. Красотища конечно эх...
(хочу такой костюмчик чёрный)
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ооо ты разглядывала все эти мелочи) так мииило
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Я всегда разглядываю всё. На твоих работах много интересных деталей, которые создают особую атмосферу . Просто мне обычно влом писать подробные комменты. Но глазищи свои наглые распускаю на всю катушку  уж будь уверена )
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я обязательно запомню это!! я оч рада
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God you're good - it's such a dream trip every time!
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thank you so much ^_^ no words could be better
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Outstanding work 😀
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thanks *__* i thought i would die there XD
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You cant be put down that easily!
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Thank you so much again, Aikorn! You are truly the best choice for my special Characters that need the most certain way of creativity! :D
As I see, both have thanked you as well for your excellent work! I hope the weather is still better by now :)

I will try to upload the story about both as soon as I can.
Actually, Kure and Beko are giving me a hard time to describe them rightfully.
Both can be really harsh to me if I want to be lazy. Especially if I write about them.

Or as Beko would like to say: "Our creator should be ashamed if he does not try his best for the two muses that keep his creativity alive."
Kure: "Oh well, some sweets, tea, and some patting on his head will do the trick! For sure nyaself knows the best ways!"
Beko starring silently at her sister.
Kure: "That 'nya' in myself, was too much, right?"

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the weather is even better now, yay :3 i'm really thankful to them! And to you again for choosing me for this important piece ~

oh, and I'm totally agree with both of them here *v* except for that there can be too much nya. nya is never enough :3
but i know that you will try your best, anyway!
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FESORIGNIOU5JNHBDRT6JKZDVGN ETH SRTG4TYBirb intensifies Birb intensifies 
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yooooi thanks <3
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Wow, this is amazing!!
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thank you! ^_^
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