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Knuckles Never Liked the Rain - Part 2
(Tails' POV)
Miles "Tails" Prower sat at his desk with his welding mask. He was in the middle of burning two pieces of metal together to make a part for a new vehicle he was designing. It was more so for himself than for Sonic. While he knew that with his tails, he was able to propel himself to almost reach Sonic's speed when he was going at a more 'leisurely pace,' there were times when the little fox's tails would get tired from all the activity. He was building something that he was hoping that he could use to keep pace with Sonic should his tails give out.
Only a few minutes into the project, he heard his doorbell being projected through a sound system that he'd invented to alert him should he get any visitors while he was working. At first he thought it might be one of his friends come to visit, but one glance at the clock told him that it was late in the evening & he wondered why they would be out so late. Furthermore, now that he was paying more attention to his surroundings, he
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I shouldn’t be here. I should be back on Angel Island, protecting the Master Emerald. I shouldn’t be standing here, like an idiot, in Tails’ stupid workshop waiting for my stupid plane to get fixed! I, Knuckles, the last echidna on the entire planet of Mobius, should NOT be here! Why the heck am I even here anyway?
Oh, yeah. I remember now! Once every year that stupid, yellow, two-tailed fox, comes to the island to make sure that all my stupid mechanical ‘stuff’ are still running. I still don’t get why it’s so important. *grumble* Well, apparently, this year, my stupid plane’s stupid engine is busted!
Now, I thought that the kid would just pull out one of his stinking (AN: you thought he was gonna say ‘stupid’ didn’t ya?) ‘handy-dandy power tools’ and be done with it, but no, that’d be way too easy, now wouldn’t it?  It seemed that the one thing that he needed to fix the stupid thi
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Aria Emmitte
United States
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Hey everyone! I felt like saying something really outta the blue, but no less true.

I see Frisk from Undertale as feminine intersex with a very clear female gender identity, but possible tommy-girl behavior (The slightly more girly tom-boy.) & androsexual preferences. Meaning that she likes guys.

I believe that she'd have other conditions; those being clitoral phallusism & "latorchidism," which I made up myself. Latorchidism is where the testicles are hidden up, inside the body & somehow manage to work just fine without interfering with her female reproductive system.

In contrast, as the name states, clitoral phallusism is where a fully-formed phallus replaces the clitoris &, thereby, takes up all of those functions, as well as its own. As such, all liquid waste is ejected from there.

... Was this awkward? Yes! Yes, it was! However, I feel like this section of the spectrum really doesn't get much attention compared to others, so why not have the one individual that the ENTIRE FANDOM refuses to settle on represent them?

... Just wanted to get that off my chest... Carry on! *exits stage left*


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