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One Curly Boi by Aiko-Akita One Curly Boi :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 8 0 Krie. by Aiko-Akita Krie. :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 3 3 Roleplay Doodles by Aiko-Akita Roleplay Doodles :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 2 0 Rest In Peace by Aiko-Akita Rest In Peace :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 1 2 The Duel by Aiko-Akita The Duel :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 4 2 Krie by Aiko-Akita Krie :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 1 11 Saltwater by Aiko-Akita Saltwater :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 5 5 April Fools by Aiko-Akita April Fools :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 0 1
YJ Rag Doll pt 2: Trapped
Klarion had shocked her twice and both times had sent her crashing into the grimy pavement. He grinned now at her bloody face, but in no way had expected her to shoot up as she did, bouncing back from the magic with little hesitation. Without giving him the chance this time, her foot shot up and connected not with his face but his groin. The pain was enough to make Klarion collapse immediately and heave. He was on the ground long enough for her to jump wall to wall in the alleyway, bouncing between buildings until she reached the rooftops and disappeared into the night. When finally he was able to move, he kept it to a minimum. She was too far for him to take his revenge now, or else he would give her the most painful death he could imagine. But as he opened his eyes and lifted his head, there it was; her intricate mask, still lying where it had fallen after he had kicked it from her face. It was then that he smiled because he knew she would pay.
Rag Doll, or Avery Anderson as her f
:iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 3 5
YJ: Rag Doll, part one
Playing the victim to lure a potential super side-kick was a more difficult situation than Klarion originally thought. He had narrowed his ideas to one out of an original three; yell for help, beat someone up, or get beat up. The first was a see-through plan- the hero would easily see that he was screaming for help with no threats and see the trap. The second, beating someone up, while fun would surely result in a brawl between Rag Doll and himself, ending with force to get her back to his team, The Light. So that left getting beat up, or at least luring someone after him. This would be so much easier if Queen Bee could just mesmerize some guys into cornering me, Klarion growled to himself.  But Teekl's meow was correct, the entire Light team was too focused on Vandal's new plan. Picking up a little brat to turn into a possible programmed mole was just a side mission for the Witch Boy to figure out.
Klarion peered around a grotesque and grimy corner and stared down the
:iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 3 4
Young Justice: Introduction
Bruce Wayne watched with interest what the news had to offer in his hotel suite at Chico, California. Displayed on the television screen were quick clips of a young girl masked as a brunette doll beating two gang members who had attempted to rob a gas station.
"She's got game," Dinah's voice made Bruce leap from his couch and whisk around to face her. "Any super powers?"
Bruce straightened out, rubbing the back of his neck with a sigh. "Doesn't look like it- just pure talent. Strange that we've never heard of her before, it seems like she's been here for a while. She goes by the alias Rag Doll."
"She certainly doesn't move like one," Dinah commented, placing a hand on her hip. "So she's the one we're keeping an eye on?"
"Should be easy enough," Dinah yawned, "as long as we can keep up with her. What information do we have?"
"Not enough," Bruce answered. "In the morning we'll be heading out for resources, but it'll be difficult- she's good at keeping herself hidden."
:iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 3 10
Gentle Intelligence by Aiko-Akita Gentle Intelligence :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 11 7 Red Zone p 2 WIP- CRITIQUE by Aiko-Akita Red Zone p 2 WIP- CRITIQUE :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 0 7 Red Zone Issue 1 p. 1 by Aiko-Akita Red Zone Issue 1 p. 1 :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 2 3 Muse Reference Sheet by Aiko-Akita Muse Reference Sheet :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 2 4 Red Zone Cover by Aiko-Akita Red Zone Cover :iconaiko-akita:Aiko-Akita 3 10
A collection of my recent peices =]


Girl unicorn by YuJurro Girl unicorn :iconyujurro:YuJurro 28 1 Draw the Squad Couch, but Boyfriend to Death style by Minxamillion Draw the Squad Couch, but Boyfriend to Death style :iconminxamillion:Minxamillion 48 1 unconscious connection by Mirnamiu unconscious connection :iconmirnamiu:Mirnamiu 456 30 GB's death by azzai GB's death :iconazzai:azzai 2,995 308 Midairdodge Commission by Daesiy Midairdodge Commission :icondaesiy:Daesiy 679 15 I See Flashes of Gold by Daesiy I See Flashes of Gold :icondaesiy:Daesiy 5,203 263 Art of Yogh by Yogh-Art Art of Yogh :iconyogh-art:Yogh-Art 113 5
yellow ribbons.
they got a new design
oh my, how pretty are mine
but mama didn't like it
so she took me away to a new motel
they took my clothes, took my freedom
made me lie down on that bed
dressed in green
it was their experiment table
i know it i know it
they took my blood away from me
drugged my tongue to spit out a compulsive story
again and again and again and again and again
then shipped me to where they wanted me to mend
mama where'd you go
i don't see you no more
just thick glass
that protects my chauffeur
but what he hiding from
i ain't gonna hurt him
but maybe diseased brains are airborne
maybe he'll get it too
then i woulda killed a man like i did me
oh no what do i do what do i do
there won't no welcome home sign
but who wants to welcome me anyway
'cuz they just gonna dine on my brain
stuff it full of something else
like a christmas turkey
i wanna get outta here i gotta get outta here
but nobody can hear
i cry, wet my cage with salt water
but they not gonna let me free
just check that
:iconozzkat:Ozzkat 9 6
v o g u e by Ozzkat v o g u e :iconozzkat:Ozzkat 184 34 Pondering. by Ozzkat Pondering. :iconozzkat:Ozzkat 109 13 OC Sketch: Fais by ShadowsofHome OC Sketch: Fais :iconshadowsofhome:ShadowsofHome 4 4 Sketch: Akani Seems Quite Bored by ShadowsofHome Sketch: Akani Seems Quite Bored :iconshadowsofhome:ShadowsofHome 4 0 Colored Sketch: {OC} Akani Extends a Hand by ShadowsofHome Colored Sketch: {OC} Akani Extends a Hand :iconshadowsofhome:ShadowsofHome 2 0 Colored Sketch: Disheveled {OC} by ShadowsofHome Colored Sketch: Disheveled {OC} :iconshadowsofhome:ShadowsofHome 3 0 CS commission 50 by viperPit CS commission 50 :iconviperpit:viperPit 3 0


One Curly Boi
I visited an old meerkat role playing site and it made me draw my boy Wicked. I still have this character, but mostly use him as a human now. He is curly and grey and I love him.
Hey guys. My family and I have decided to get me a service dog to help with my anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, insurance won't cover it and service dogs are extremely expensive. I've set up a crowdfunding page at if you're interested in helping me. Thank you so much, guys!


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Hello there, you may call me Aik. I'm pretty friendly, but Art Trades, Comissions, and Requests are closed, so please don't ask... xD Thanks!


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