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God by AikaresGirl God by AikaresGirl
Just a little thing
that I am now thinking of taking down
okay since I've gotten mixed reviews such as

Oh this is funny keep it
You going to hell for this blaspheming

I must now say this...I've disabled my comments

for the people who supported this thank you for your open mind
for people who blatantly said I was disrespectful
I'm sorry ...but nothing you say is going to tear this down. you see this is comedy and it's not even cruel comedy it is mostly just quotes from movies and songs.
I'm sorry if I offended but I have had enough religious phrases and threats stuffed down my throat here at my house. don’t need it from you. my beliefs are my own, as yours belong to yourself. so I request you take your beliefs and keep them from whence they came, Yourself.
sorry it's just , I prefer constructive criticism then childish ranting how I'm a terrible person and I'm going to burn in the darkest pits of hell.
But I will not leave this site and I will not take this piece down. I have freedom of speech and to show it how I what makes us the land of the free and I like to use my rights as they were given to me.

wow I have never ranted like that before... :3 I feel I guess I should kinda thank those rude people...

p.s. rude people...learn manners it is one of the few things that separates humans from beasts
The owner of this deviation has disabled comments.

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Submitted on
December 3, 2006
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