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I found this work in Icaro Desktop on ARoS

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Great, I'm pleased. )

Hi, could I use this one as a cap design for kids? Non commercial purposes :) Best wishes, Patsy
I loved it...can i modify it to use over my fiber box.....not for commercial purpose...but to gift that box among my friends and family...
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Why not. Make nice to your loved ones.
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I want to use this as my FB cover photo, but of course before that I need your permission, it would be an honor if you allow me to use it, I plan to put credits with your name on the caption
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Excuse me, my name is Claire, I'm 17 years old and I'm actually an art etudiant in France (I'm french, so sorry if my english is not very good...)
I would like to ask you if I can use this picture in a poster. This poster is made in order to present my MANAA (Mise à niveau en art appliqués = Put in right level in applicated art) for the people who would like to do this class... It will be expose in some High School of my region (Bordeaux) and in some counselling "show"...

Thank you for reading this message.
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If this is not a commercial project, then of course use.
Thank you very much !
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אני מת על זה
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u know what this means?
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google translate ;)
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А что если "синхронизировать" ориентацию текстуры с формой этих больших цветных штук?
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получится еще один зомбатор )))
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Beautiful colours !
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Вот это нравится;) Ярко и приятно :)
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прикольно! ты уже в шопе стал кренделя такие выписывать ? =)
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