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The Revenge

Collaboration with :iconeigeni:.

This was a real pleasure to work on this painting. Our goal was to create a perfect mix between our both styles. The key words for this project were 'furious, wild, animal, rage and revenge'.

Find the detailed case study on Behance : [link]

You can download the wallpapers and read the interview at [link]
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amazing! such incredible colours and detail!
Just wanted to let you know that a guy named JugenDoe on Shadowness is biting your work. Ironically he banned me from their site because he accused me of using stock in my work when I did not. You should confront this fake about stealing your work. He needs to be put in his place. If he previously asked permission, please forgive and disregard this message. You can view it here:
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Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?
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Beautiful. I love it. Nice work. :)
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You inspire the being within....beautiful piece
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this would make a wicked sick t-shirt :D
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That is sick! In a good way...
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:o great! it explains pain?
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This is the meanfully image i have ever seen and since i am planing for my revenge on someone this is what i truely feel like . A wild animal breaking all of it rage on the person wo made them suffer.
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very very Beautiful
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I love it, brilliant work
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Excellent result, really love the coloration and the fierceness of the figure.
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Is there a wallpaper version ? I want this on my computer :eager:
This is awesome dude !
A poster version which i can buy will be amazing too !
Congrats ;)
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