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SlashTHREE Book : New Era

Hello there.


When the concept of the book was announced by the creative directors at SlashTHREE, i started to think about the after-death and i must admit it's not easy to find an original idea.

My concept behind this scene is that when you die, your soul is divided into two separated personnality. Then they both arrive into a sort of desert where there is a mirror to see each other. The goal would be to go beyond the mirror to capture and aspire the other. The strongest personnality will win and then go to a sort of paradize/evil. Of course it's just an idea, nothing too serious. :)


The girl on the picture is my ex-girlfriend, we took the photo into the living-room with a really poor camera. I had to re-paint all the eyes, the hairs and some part of the body because the quality was really poor.

The mirror was a bit complex to do on Photoshop because it's liquid, solid, transparent, reflective, in motion, static,… it mixes all the opposites. The rest was ok.


New Era is the second book by the slashTHREE collective, and has a total of 46 artworks. The book houses two sections, the 1st contains 21 brand new artworks, and the 2nd contains 25 of the strongest artworks ever submitted to the exhibitions from slashTHREE.

74 pages total, Golden Foil cover finish, softcover
*Limited edition of 200*

Be sure to buy yourself a copy of the book there :
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