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Sanity by Aiira Sanity :iconaiira:Aiira 2 0 Sakura flowers by Aiira Sakura flowers :iconaiira:Aiira 1 0 Chibi Hinata by Aiira Chibi Hinata :iconaiira:Aiira 2 0
Sasusaku 8
As soon as the fighting had begun it had come to a sudden stop.
"Naruto!" Kakashi raised his voice but the blonde only glared at him with shining red eyes.
"No! I won't let you hurt her!" The fox cloak was slowly covering his entire body, two tails forming behind him. "I don't care what the law says, she's my friend!"
A lion made out of ink came charging from behind Sakura but before it managed to get close enough it was cut in half by a katana. Sasuke's katana. He took one look at his former teammate and then turned towards Sakura, holding out his hand to her.
"You okay?"
"Yes." Sakura let him pull her up on her feet. She stept in close to his side.
Onyx eyes met red ones. Naruto looked between his two friends. One he had come to think of as his 'brother' and the other he had had a crush on since forever.
"If something ever happens to her I'll hunt you down and kill you myself."
Sasuke smirked.
"Wait!" Kakashi charged forward but was hit by a large orange tail, sendi
:iconaiira:Aiira 10 13
SunSet by Aiira SunSet :iconaiira:Aiira 3 2 Screaming in Silence by Aiira Screaming in Silence :iconaiira:Aiira 2 5
Strawberries and Kisses
Adam catches Kris staring at his mouth. Again. Honestly, the way Kris licks his lips is sending electric shocks down Adam's spine. And lower regions. Not that he'd ever complain when a cute boy looks at him like that.
"Wanna taste?"
Kris blinks his gaze moving from the strawberry, which Adam's holding between his index finger and thumb, to his mouth... oh... before brown eyes finally lock with icy blue. The slightly confused look in Kris's eyes, mixed with the blush creeping up his cheeks, draws a chuckle out of Adam.
"Strawberry. Want one?"
"Oh. Um, sure."
Adam shifts so he's facing Kris.
"Open your mouth."
He can't help but smirk as the blush on Kris's cheeks turns a little darker and now reaches down his neck.
"Adam, you don't,-"
"Open up, Allen."
Kris sighs, but does as he's asked. After all, he knows there's no reason arguing. Adam always gets his way.
Then Adam takes a slow bite of the strawberry before leaning in, and Kris can't help the gasp that escapes him as th
:iconaiira:Aiira 7 7
Gaahina - schooltime 8
Hinata walked out from her room. The apartment was quiet and empty. No sign of her roommate. 'Probably for the best.' She told herself. 'I wouldn't know what to say to Gaara-kun right now…' Even though, her heart ached a little.
Outside was cold and Hinata almost felt more alone then she'd done in the apartment when she started to walk, slowly following the stream that ran through the entire city. But the cold weather had turned it into something frozen and dead. A bitter wind had her shivering and she pulled the jacket closer around herself. Something icy hit her cheek, making her turn her head upwards. Snowflakes were slowly falling from the sky. Hinata stood for a moment, just watching as things around her turned white and the dark night felt suddenly a little brighter. 'Maybe there's still hope.' Hope for what? She didn't know.
Her feet had started walking again without her knowing. She'd reached the old pier just outside town, were the stream met the ocean. Somewhere along th
:iconaiira:Aiira 11 27
Mature content
Teasing :iconaiira:Aiira 13 8
Alert by Aiira Alert :iconaiira:Aiira 2 1 Ignoring... by Aiira Ignoring... :iconaiira:Aiira 1 0 Don't want her picture taken by Aiira Don't want her picture taken :iconaiira:Aiira 3 6
Tommy fell back against the pillows. He was still fully dressed and kind of lightheaded from all the alcohol.
"Not going back to your room?"
"Gonna sleep here."
He watched as Adam turned the lights out before climbing onto the bed, looking him over slightly.
"Bad idea."
It was more of a thought, said out loud, and Tommy was too tired anyway. They both needed to sleep and it was a fucking king size bed. No problem staying on different sides and beside, Tommy knew Adam would never do something inappropriate while he was sleeping.
No. No. Please, stop. Stop!
"Tommy… Tommy!"
Tommy sits up quickly. He is panting and the sweat drenched shirt feels cold against his back. A pair of strong arms wraps themselves around his chest, pulling him back into a warm embrace.
"You okay, glitterbaby?"
He nods, letting Adams' heartbeat calm him down and taking a deep breath before answering.
His voice comes out raspy. Like he'd been screaming at the top of his lungs. In one w
:iconaiira:Aiira 14 18
Adam Lambert by Aiira Adam Lambert :iconaiira:Aiira 207 75
Short Adommy
Time For Miracles – Adam Lambert
Tommy sits up in bed. He is exhausted but not able to sleep. The alarm clock reads four in the morning. It is dark outside except for the faint moonshine that lights up the room. Emptiness. Loneliness. Tommy can feel the tears starting to fill up his eyes and he hides his face in his hands. Why? How could he be so stupid?! He has to do something. Try to fix his mistake. He grabs his phone from the nightstand.
I'm sorry
Send. It is not that imaginative, but at least it says what is important and Tommy really do not know what else he could say.
He jumps as the phone vibrates in his hand and when he flips it open Adams' name lights up the screen together with a text that makes Tommy smile through his tears.
I'll be right over
Maybe it is time for miracles…
:iconaiira:Aiira 3 3
Master Plan
A/N: My first Adommy-fic! Yay! It's supposed to be from Tommys' point of view and he's not sure about his feelings for Adam. What's right and what's wrong?
He watched Adam gyrate his hips sensually as the song ended. Black tight pants left little to the imagination, and his typical grey Queen t-shirt. He had taken of the coat because of the heat. 'Damn that's sexy!' Tommy shook his head; trying to focus on something else he turned to check the amplifier. This was not right. He was not supposed to have these feelings for another guy. For Adam.
"You're having fun?"
Adams' voice echoed throughout the stadium, getting loud excited screams from the audience in return. He had an excited grin plastered on his face. Tommy knew this, all of it, was like a dream coming true for Adam. If he had not tried out for American Idol he probably would not be standing here now, looking out at the masses of people shouting their love for him at the top of their lungs. Adam glanced to h
:iconaiira:Aiira 8 13


:spazattack: by NamelessBot :spazattack: :iconnamelessbot:NamelessBot 61 11 Fireflies by eddie-mendoza Fireflies :iconeddie-mendoza:eddie-mendoza 3,987 116 Sanity by MsSilverheart Sanity :iconmssilverheart:MsSilverheart 49 16 Need A Hug? by SinclairStrange Need A Hug? :iconsinclairstrange:SinclairStrange 204 66 Cute marshmallows by meganjoy Cute marshmallows :iconmeganjoy:meganjoy 7,160 518 I Smell Emo II by ballroom-skye I Smell Emo II :iconballroom-skye:ballroom-skye 187 16 eMo love _made by melii_ by x-ReMuSik-x eMo love _made by melii_ :iconx-remusik-x:x-ReMuSik-x 335 36 My current hair? by UndercoverEnvy My current hair? :iconundercoverenvy:UndercoverEnvy 919 274 Emo Chibi BF and GF by SaDsTaRz Emo Chibi BF and GF :iconsadstarz:SaDsTaRz 12 2
So what if I'm emo?
So what if I cry?
I'm not THAT emotional,
I dont want to die.
So what if I dress in a different style?
There's no need to scream and run for a mile
I dont like to cut and abuse my arm,
I am not depressed,
so why cause self harm?
Could it be that I am just like you?
That I can smile, giggle and laugh along too?
Could it be that I am happy with myself?
It's just that I am not some pretty doll on the shelf.
Could it be that the only reason i dye my hair black;
Is because I dont want to be some barbie in a bimbo girl pack.
These are the reasons, and I'll tell you why,
that I dont look in the mirror and start to cry.
I know Im not perfect,
I'm sure you will agree
But I am so very positive,
as positive as can be
That Im not like you,
Oh dont make me laugh!
I dont spend hours on my make-up's mask
I'm totally self-confident,
Ill smile for all to see.
Because the great thing about being emo,
Is that I am happy, with just being me.

Dont be afraid of who you are.<
:iconblackxxxkeyblade:blackxxxkeyblade 4,775 2,707
EMO: by IcyBlueSky EMO: :iconicybluesky:IcyBlueSky 1,654 175 Adam. by Ashley-Deviantart Adam. :iconashley-deviantart:Ashley-Deviantart 41 2
I Kissed A Girl Parody
This was never the way he planned
Not his intention
He had always been a straight man
No question
He had just
For a part to play the bass
Now he is
Making out
With another guy on stage
Tommy kissed Adam and he liked it
And the fans, they loved it
Tommy kissed Adam and he liked it
But he's still in the closet
He liked girls, not guys
Now it's either
And he loves playing Fever
Tommy kissed Adam and he liked it
He liked it
Since the kiss at the AMAs
They had an arrangement
The fans loved it so they'd kiss for
Their entertainment
But now that
They've made out
Over fifty times
It's getting
Tommy's sexuality is a lie
Tommy kissed Adam and he liked it
And the fans, they loved it
Tommy kissed Adam and he liked it
But he's still in the closet
He liked girls, not guys
Now it's either
And he loves playing Fever
Tommy kissed Adam and he liked it
He liked it
Tommy is so adorable
Gorgeous blonde hair
So flippable
Hot black lipstick
So kissable
Too good to deny it
And it's obvious
:iconalexrose312:AlexRose312 18 24
Adommy Cuteness by axxel-roxxas Adommy Cuteness :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 85 70 Adam Lambert Montage by MsLambert21Rain Adam Lambert Montage :iconmslambert21rain:MsLambert21Rain 18 45 Kradam Stamp. by checkyesxx Kradam Stamp. :iconcheckyesxx:checkyesxx 41 10





Artist | Literature
Nickname: Manda
Bisexual - if you've got issues with that, that's your problem not mine

Birthday: 21 october

A kind, absent-minded, cheerful and weird girl...
Seriously, just ask. I really suck at describing myself... ^^;

Hate: spiders, bullies and g-chords
Love: music, vodka and chocolate

Adam Lambert November 9, 2010
YOHIO September 13, 2013
Black Veil Brides November 29, 2013
All Time Low February 18, 2014
Sick Puppies April 11, 2014
Queen + Adam Lambert February 15, 2015

Proudly being ME!
  • Listening to: Gin Wigmore
  • Eating: Eggs...
  • Drinking: Water?
Look who's alive! That's right! The HBIC is back! Mothers better lock your doors and hide your daughters...! Yeah, I totes just quoted Falling In Reverse. Deal with it.

The journal title is the song I'm currently listening to, btw... anyone recognize the soundtrack it's from? I'll give you a clue. Werewolves.

I've written chapter 8 in my Sasusaku fanfic! OMG! It's like 6 years late... That's pretty impressive, even for me. You're prob gonna start nagging me about writing a chapter 9 now tho, huh? Dammit.
Better write chapter 9 in Gaahina, too. Not sure I'll do that tonight tho. It's almost 2am here. No, I don't have anything better to do at this hour. I'm nocturnal!

I have nothing more to say LOL



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