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Super Smash Brothers...BRAWL



Edit: Um yes so I made this a long time ago, right? That's why I only added in the 5 new known characters that were presented at the time. (Wario, Zero-suit, Snake, Metaknight, Pit) And most of the melee characters are here too. Obviously I know that now that the character list is changing.

26 characters…4 controllers…what did you expect? :D

I’ve had this idea for a while now. Ever since that contest on the Nintendo forums of Nintendo characters playing Wii…But yea. I was too lazy at the time to draw it, and I would rather just make it a Brawl picture (and possibly save it for the Brawl contest…if there is one…;)

But anyway. Let’s get this straight. I know that some of these characters won’t be in Brawl. And some more probably will be. I basically just drew most of the Melee characters (minus Dr. Mario, normal Samus, Falco, Sheik, Pichu, and Jigglypuff). And the 5 new characters that we know are being added. See if you can find them all! ^__^

This thing took forever to lineart and color…and as you can see…I kinda got a little lazy in some of the details. I sacrificed quality for quantity big time. :P But there are some things that I drew in that may not be noticed on first glance. Such as:
-You know that whole thing where the Wii-motes would fly out of the peoples’ hands and impale their TVs? Well, you can see that Link is trying very hard to take it out.
-The TV has the SSBB title on it. :)
-A little battle sequence: Samus is shooting DK who is punching Ganondorf who dropped his controller which is being psychically picked up by Mewtwo.
-Mr. Game and Watch is hiding behind the Wii, and since he’s kinda flat…he has remained undetected…
-See the little Pink ice-climber? She’s hidden. Blue ice-climber is sitting on her shoulders…(I don’t know their names. Popo and Nana or something like that)
-And more. I forget all of the stuff I put in here. :P

And yea. Please excuse all anatomy problems/relative size of characters to each other/other stuff that I didn’t feel like fixing. The Wii stuff and TV are supposed to be kinda big.

I <3 Pikachu, Kirby, Peach’s expression, Young Link’s expression, and shading Wario’s fat (there’s something satisfying about it. :P ).

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And all that Jazz.
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