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Published: August 29, 2015

My english is not the best, sorry. >.>

You always felt like nobody cares about you.

Hanji, Mikasa, Levi, Erwin and everyone else.
Nobody cares
if you die.

Your parents had died when you were young and the two important person in your life, Eren and Sasha died too.
On top of that, they had been killed in front of your eyes.

You can not do anything about these painful feelings, but your pain doesn't care about you.
You smile and you are happy. Or rather, you acted like this, because you inside hurt like hell.

"Good morning, minna!"

" 'morning, (Name)!" Hanji shouted to you with smile on her face.

"Good day, (Name)." Erwin said.

"Tch. sit down and eat breakfast, brat." Levi responded.

"We are going outside the walls this day afternoon. Are you ready, guys?" Erwin asked.

"Of course, Sir!" You said heatedly.

*Shit. I completely forgot. I have a bad feeling about this...*

~Time skip for afternoon, because why not, sorry. 3: ~

You guys are already outside the walls, the discovery goes well, but suddenly a twenty meter titan cut your and Levi's way.

"I will handle this titan! It goes on! And (Name) go as far as you can from this titan!" Levi shouted.

"WHAT?! NO! I won't leave you alone!" You shouted back.

"Just go, damn it! I will never forgive myself if something happens with you!" and Levi started to fly to the titan's nape with the 3DMG.
But unfortunately, he runs out of gas, and it seems he land exactly the titan's mouth, but...
You tossed away Levi and you had already decided, you are going to sacrifice yourself for your only love.

"LEVI! WATCH  OUT, GO TO THE GROUND, NOW!" you shouted, but your voice is become painful, because the titan was chewing your body.

Everybody saw that, and Hanji immediately killed this titan, but it seems, it was too late...

This is the worst.

You were lying on the ground in Levi's lap.
Your right leg, your waist and your head were strongly bleeding. Everybody shocked.

"Levi…" you whisper.

"(Name), please don’t speak! You are bleeding so hard!"

"Oi, someone bring bandages, now!" Levi shouted despairingly.

After that, Petra came and she was trying to stop the bleeding.

"Levi… Are you... alright?" you whispered.

"(Name), As I said, don’t speak! I'm alright, but now your health is the most important!"

"Heichou! I can't stop her bleeding! If this goes on, she is going to...-"  Petra said to Levi sorrowfully.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP! (Name) WON’T DIE!" Levi shouted and his eyes filled with tears.

"Le..vi..."  *you raised your arm and you put your hand on his face.*

"Please, don’t cry. You have no reason to cry."

"I HAVE!" he shouted.
"I don't want to lose one more important person. Please stay with me!"

You almost had lost all of your vitality and your bleeding didn't stop.
You were just laying in Levi's lap and you have lost your consciousness.

"Impor...tant? Hah... I was never important." you whisper cynically.

"For me, you are important more than anything, so please... don’t go..." Levi said this to you, but his voice is cracked.

"Le…vi… b-before I die… I'd like you to know... I love...y-you. I always loved you."

"Damn it, I love you too with all my heart, so stay strong! You will be allright!"

"Ah..hah… I don’t.. think..so." you whispered with a smile on your face.

your eyes filled with tears and you're smiling at Levi for the last time.

You know this is the end, but you not regretting what did you do. You were happy, because you saved that person from death who you love all your heart. 

"Levi... I love...you. More than... anyone. Please don’t cry and... be happy." you started to cry.

Levi is hold your hand and he is hugging you close to himself, because he already know that these are the last minutes with you.

"You stupid brat… why did you save me…" he couldn't take this anymore and he started to cry too.

Suddenly, Hanji and Erwin gathered around you.

"(Name!) (Name!!) (NAME!!!) DON’T GO!! STAY WITH US!"

You only hear voices, but you can't see anything.
"Nobody cares until it's too late, huh?" "how true..."
Your body suddenly get easier and started to go chill.

Hanji wanted to check your pulse, but she didn't find... This thing shocked her.

"Levi… She… die...-"


"Why does good people die too early?" - Levi shouted while tears were rolling down his face.

"This is not your fault, my dear."  A soft voice had reached Levi.

But how?
What’s going on?

"This is not your fault, understood? Even if I have to say goodbye now, I bet, we will meet again sometime.
Levi, please live a long and happy life and don't blame yourself. Stay strong, okay? But… Time to go."

"I love you forever, okay?" you whispered this to Levi happily.

(NAME!!!!) – Levi shouted.

(Name!!) – he said that in normal voice.

(Name…) – he whispered.

Why you….

Leave me…

This damn nightmare which called real world…


I will never forget you, my only love. I will always love you…

More than anything.

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*heart breaks into pieces*T^T
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im crying so saeedd
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RubyCookiez|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Feels so much Feels
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My feelz
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MeridaHofferson|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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YatoAndYukine4Life|Hobbyist Digital Artist
IM CRYING!!! DA FEELZ! DA FEELZ!!!!the twelve kingdoms gif Youko Nakajima Heaven's Arena Girl Cry Emoticon Crying Mako Bunny Girl Emoji-49 (Crying) [V3] magi gif Kougyoku  Ren magi gif Kougyoku  Ren 
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LeviAckermansWolf|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know the feelz
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animexreaderxyaoigal|Student General Artist
Hah..... Im not crying Im not crying Im not crying Im not crying Im not crying Im not crying Im not crying Im not crying OH FOR FUCK SAKE IM CRYING!!!
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Chisaki Crying Icon that was so sad but beautiful oh and your english is great fifty thumbs up for youRacing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3]
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AihoshiOrihara|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
aww thank you very much. :love: 
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Hajisukie|Student Traditional Artist
cryCry forever [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon Romano (Cries) [V4] Cry run 
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Miuna Crying Icon NOOOO sobbing - crying Cry forever Crying Mako  story ---> Cry Some Moor 
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This fanfiction. is so sad. oh my god. I love you. XD
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So sad!  In fact,your english is amazing!  The way you write is magical, be proud of that
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AihoshiOrihara|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh thank you very much your kind words!! I am so happy that you guys like my first fanfics, therefore I want write more. 
This means a lot for me! Heart Hug 
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You should write more!  I would definitely read it
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FL4R1X-4V3R3NT0N|Hobbyist General Artist
yeah i agree about that
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AihoshiOrihara|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! Hug 
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This was extremely well written, feelings aside, I loved reading this.
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Alex-Phantomhive|Hobbyist General Artist
Great job! Hit me right in the feels when reader-chan died ;-;
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AihoshiOriharaEdited |Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!! Oh i'm glad and meh, sorry.~ Hug 2 
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