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YJ: Miss Martian



After a long cosplay winter break I'm finally back and able to present something new! This picture shows me wearing my latest costume - Miss Martian from the cartoon series Young Justice. ♥

I decided to cosplay this character rather spontaneously when I had to stop working on my Luna Lovegood costume due to ordered material still missing.
Besides a few things the outfit is completely made out of left-over fabrics. It was easy to sew and quickly finished.

The most difficult part about Miss Martian was the green make-up/body paint. To make my legs look green I put on green tights. For both my arms and my face I used professional stage make-up. (Eulenspiegel Schminkfarben)
It took about 45 minutes to apply the body paint. Surprisingly it didn't rub off on my clothes or something.

EDIT: The body paint I used for my Miss Martian costume is called "EULENSPIEGEL SCHMINKFARBEN". It's a water-based product of a GERMAN BRAND.

:bulletgreen: Aigue-Marine as Miss Martian [M'gann Morzz]
series: Young Justice / DC-Comics
photos: Fresh-Bottled
edit: Fresh-Bottled
Once again thank you so much for the photoshooting! ♥

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You nailed Megan's cuteness and innocence just right. Great work.