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Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Suit Tutorial

By Aigue-Marine
Mesdames et Mesieurs - Bonsoir!

One of the most frequently asked questions I received lately is how I made the suit for my Stephanie Brown!Batgirl costume.
To be able to provide a detailed and instant answer to future enquiries I decided to prepare this tutorial.

I'm sorry for its crappy layout. I'm not a media designer and this was, like, the best thing I was able to produce with my decent photoshop skills. I really hope you like it though.
In case that you have got further questions this tutorial still can't answer please don't hesitate to ask!

Tutorial: Aigue-Marine

For further deviations of Batgirl see also:

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thefantasyer's avatar
I'm definitely gonna adapt this suit for my Spoiler cosplay..thanks for posting!
CosmicBrambleclaw's avatar
Love it! I (cross)dressed as Batgirl for Halloween the year before this past Halloween, fooled so many people XD But the costume was one of those cheaply made overpriced Party City ones made outta cheap plastic-y fabric that got pretty much ruined after the one day of use, this one is so much cooler :D (might add a miniskirt to it or reference it for a miniskirt version of the costume) I may just end up going as Batgirl again this year lol
DevilDino's avatar
Looks really great! I found your post while researching the Batgirl costume for my best friend's little girl. You give some nice tips.
lonefox91's avatar
this very interesting ^^ how to make a good cospaly suit ^^
may i ask where you got the cowl?
HiddenWithin's avatar
I love how this turned out! I'm totally new to cosplaying and just recently (Halloween in fact) put together a FemRobin costume (that looks a lot like Stephanie Brown. I swear I totally made it up in my head before I even heard of her, though!). For Halloween, I just threw a belt together real quick-like, and it turned out awful. I would love to make a better one out of EVA foam, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to go about doing that. I know you're possibly too busy to make a tutorial, but is there somewhere you found information on how to do it? I've tried looking, and haven't found anything that really helped me at all.

Merpower's avatar
Thank you so much for posting this! It is excellent and very helpful!
SwirlPaw's avatar
I know this is for Stephanie's outfit, but could you give me some tips on making Barbara's cape, boots, gloves, and belt? I apologize for asking, but I'm going to a con this December, and I've looked absolutely everywhere, but I can't seem to find help on those.
Aigue-Marine's avatar
Aah, sorry for my late reply. Uh, I have to admit that gloves and boots are the most difficult aspects of a costume. If you aren't an experienced costume maker I would recommend you to buy them. As for the cape: Why don't you look for cape tutorials or patterns on google? There are plenty of tutorials out there.
SwirlPaw's avatar
That's okay c:

Do you happen to know where I could buy the gloves and boots? I was also wondering about the bodysuit as well ^^; I hope I'm not asking much, I don't want to be a bother.
EUR0BEAT's avatar
Thank you so much. Its very rare for excellent cosplayers such as yourself give tutorials for their cosplays. I'm going to attempt to make this for Comic-con 2014!
Aigue-Marine's avatar
You're very welcome! Good luck with your costume!! :D
madhatterzwei's avatar
Hi! So I did make my Batgirl costume and I really owe this tutorial so much for the help! So thank you! However, I am confused about the cape! I can't figure out how to make it! Any suggestions??
Aigue-Marine's avatar
Hey! :) You're welcome! I'm glad the tutorial was of help to you!
I made the cape in a trapez-shape and attached it to the suit with push buttons. Then I put the collar on which I wear on top of suit and cape. :)
marcyhiddleston's avatar
Can I ask where you got the catsuit? I'll be doing this cosplay in the summer :)
Aigue-Marine's avatar
You can find everything you need in my FAQs, right here: [link] :)
BaconBiscuits's avatar
Awesome tutorial, planning on using it!

One question though, did you just buy a catsuit and then wear it backwards? The zip is usually down the front so I'm just curious if you just wore it with the zip going down your back!
Aigue-Marine's avatar
Thank you! :)

And no - I bought a catsuit with a zipper in the back. Suits like these actually do exist. :)
BaconBiscuits's avatar
Oh wow, I'll need to look out for some; the only ones I ever see always have the zipper on the front!

Thank you so much for the response by the way, you've got the best SB Batgirl cosplay!
Aigue-Marine's avatar
Nope. :) There are both types of suits.

Thank you very much! If you need more advice on the costume - don't hesitate to ask. :)
EnyaStillblood's avatar
If I may, I know this is old-ish... but what material was your catsuit? ^.^ Pleather? Rubber?
Aigue-Marine's avatar
It was made from stretch pleather!
EnyaStillblood's avatar
Ah, sorry to bother you, but do you know where you got the catsuit?
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