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Cameron Murphy | Avengers OC
I'm sorry if the ref looks messy or something </3

Name: Cameron Dorothy Murphy.

Alias: Cam, Murph

Age: 26 years old.

Birth Date: September 22, 1992.

Species: Midgardian/human.

Race: American.

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Straight.

Family: Edward Joshua Murphy (father, dead)
Lindsay Marilyn Murphy (mother, dead)
Erika Alice Watkins (adoptive mother)
Elvis Arnold Watkins (adoptive father)
Jayden Daniel Watkins (adoptive brother, dead).

Best friend: N/A

Past Love Interests: N/A

Current Love Interest: Crush in the Avengers. She has managed to photograph them while they were in action and has saved that photo as if it were gold.

Main Enemy(ies): N/A


-Rainy days
-Writing poems
-Learn and study
-Calm places
-Action movies


-Closed minds
-Have nervous and anxiety attacks
-Sites to burst of people

Appearance: She haves a messy and rebel brown short hair, really dark and sharp eyes, round nose but pointed at the same time and cheeks a bit swollen and full of freckles. Also has a small mouth, thin lips and thick eyebrows.

Skin Tone(s): Very light.

Extra Anatomy: N/A

Body Type: Mesomorph.

Height: 1,76.

Weight: 66 kg.

Personality: Cameron is always silent and quiet. Her head is a world of thoughts that never reveals, unless she needs to. 

Goals in life: Justice over the media, and nothing of sensationalist news. Have someone nearby to tell about her problems and all the things that go through her head. Have a soul mate (not in the romantic sense).

Occupation/Job: Fashion journalist.

Level of Education: Academic

Language(s) Spoken: English

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Cameron haves the power of the regeneration. It takes 4 minutes to regenerate from a cut or wound. Also, haves really good reflexes.

Alternate Forms: N/A

Weapon(s) of Choice: N/A

Pets/Special Animals: N/A

Scars/Deformities: Haves a scar in the back.

Diseases/Conditions: N/A

Medications: N/A

Addictions/Dependencies: Coffee addiction.

Glasses/Contacts: N/A

Piercings/Tattoos: N/A

Fashion Sense: Informal fashion sense, but sometimes likes to wear luxorious dresses when she haves enough money

Hobbies: Read mythology, play with her hair, leave house to observe people, photograph interesting persons who cross by near her house.

Special/Significant Belongings: Her necklace. It was from his brother and he gave it to her before he died.

Voice: Cameron's voice is soft as a breeze and quite deep. Sometimes her voice can become inaudible when she speak low.

Quote: "Everything is impossible until you make it possible" 
"-... You always have such a sweaty face?
C: Yes, it's because I'm always nervous... Sorry, I'm going to get a towel."

Psychiatric Problems: TDAH. 

Xanthophobia: fear of the colour yellow 

Obsessions: Romantic comedies.

Sociability: She isn't very sociable, has two friends at work with whom she shares time, but not much beyond that.

Outlook: Enthusiastic. always try to see the good side of things even though everything goes horribly wrong and there are not many hopes.

Tidiness/Cleanliness: His office and his room are totally messed up. That usually stresses her but she never has time to order them

Bravery: Her hands tend to tremble and sweat when he is on the scene, but he forgets as soon as he takes action. Even so, she usually has panic attacks if she is on a stage or if she is in an interview.

Strength: Considerable, going every Tuesday and Thursday to the gym pays off, right?

Guilty pleasure: Hot dogs.

Weaknesses: By regenerating many times in a short time, she begins to weaken and her body begins to weigh. After that, begins to sweat like a pig to finally fall unconscious.

Fears: Darkness, horror movies.

Past History:
coming soon


Evelyn Myers: Evelyn is one of the closest persons to Murphy. They studied work together, they have a long list of things to do together so they will not separate until they finish it. Cam appreciates their friendship and tends to joke with Myers, loves her very much and usually thinks that she is one of the best friends she had in her short life.

Erika and Elvis Watkins: Cam does not usually talk much with his parents. Their relationship is somewhat distant because of work. When Cameron found out that she was adopted, their relationship was almost completely cut off and she is somewhat indifferent to her parents because of that, but even so, she loves them, even though she is not biologically connected to them.

The Avengers: Cameron admires The Avengers. Thinks that they are very brave people and his goal of protecting the people around they is something that should be exalted.

more coming soon, please wait...
Voy a hacer un grupo de Fan-characters de Marvel 
alguien quiere unirse??

no se si hacerlo bilingüe o no jaja


I'm going to make a Marvel FC group
someone wants to join?

  • Listening to: lo-fi hiphop and chip tune
  • Watching: the screen
  • Drinking: water
amo mucho este personaje hkdvyibdgnd
me estoy mirando todas las pelis porque literal no ve había visto ninguna de los avengers A1 (Bee Movie Icon) pero ya me voy poniendo al día con las pelis y la semana que viene me voy a ver infinity war

loki está lokito
[A-K - Ficha] Hana Matsuoka
Me inspiré de algunas fichas, espero no moleste (?)

Arrow leftNombre: Hana Matsuoka

Arrow left Edad: 18 años

Arrow left Estatura y peso: 1,66 | 61 kg

 Género: Femenino

 Arrow left Nacionalidad: 70% japonesa, 30% italiana 

 Arrow left Orientación sexual: Bisexual

Arrow left  Grupo: Élite

Arrow left  Grado: 3ro

Arrow left Sirviente:  Riley Rivera

Arrow left Historia: 
Nacida en un pequeño pueblo de Japón y de un matrimonio algo serio de una japonesa y un italiano, Hana Matsuoka tuvo una niñez regular, ya que a los 6 años sus padres se divorciaron por problemas económicos y por culpa del engaño de su madre hacia su padre, mudándose ella a Italia y cortando toda comunicación. Esto le dolió mucho a Hana, pero junto los mimos y caricias de su madre, fue superándolo lentamente. A la edad de 17 años, se enteró de la muerte de su padre. ¿La razón? Suicidio. Al oír esto, cayó en depresión por varios meses, o tal vez un año. Al finalmente superar la depresión a sus ya 18 años, su madre le dijo que debían volver a Japón, ya que la abuela de Hana se encontraba bantante enferma y sólo su madre podía cuidarla. Algo apenada, ya que tenía amigos en Italia, Hana preparó sus cosas para volver a Japón. Después de visitar a su abuela, su madre le dió la noticia de que se quedarían en Japón. Envuelta en emociones, Hana asintió. Al día siguiente, su madre la inscribe en la prestigiosa Academia Kronos debido a las buenas críticas que escuchó. 

Arrow left Personalidad: 

| Pacífica | Estudiosa | Servicial | Ansiosa | 
Hana es un poco abierta. Tuvo pocos amigos, ya que se le complica bastante no entrar en confianza con alguien rápidamente. En cuanto entra en confianza, habla hasta por los codos y mima mucho. 
Por naturaleza, es servicial y la típica chica que apenas llegas te da un tour por el colegio. Si necesitas su ayuda, allí estará para ayudarte. 
Es bastante madura debido a que pasó por muchas situaciones que le sirvieron como enseñanza.
Muy en su interior hay una parte infantil y una parte arrogante que pocas veces sale a la luz.

Arrow left Gustos y Disgustos: 
tick Juegos de mesa 
tick Animales
tick Coleccionar cosas  
tick Cosas dulces
tick Pijamadas (nunca tuvo una, pero asume que es divertido :')) )
tick Mimitos y abrazos (???) 
tick Tratar con personas difíciles (es como un don ahre) 
tick Café y Cappuccino  
tick Frutas (especialmente la naranja)
tick Cosas prolijas 
tick Videojuegos

x Gente grosera
x Racismo
x Orgullo
x bICHOS (los odia JAJA)
x Ruidos fuertes
x Gente interesada
x Estar en un lugar con mucha gente (por eso a veces se queda en el salón en el descanso/recreo)
x Que intenten provocarla
x Lugares pequeños
x Cocinar (es capaz de quemar toda una casa)

Bullet Orange Heredó el albinismo de su padre.

Bullet Orange Tiene un pollo de mascota llamado Nano.

Bullet Orange Canta cuando está en la ducha. : ))

Bullet Orange Nunca tuvo pareja, sólo roces. (?)

Bullet Orange No sabe que responder ante los halagos o elogios, se sonroja.

Bullet Orange Cuando se aburre, hace animalitos de origami.

Bullet Orange Colecciona figuritas/pegatinas y muñecos.

Bullet Orange Usa guantes porque tiene muchos lunares en sus manos y no le gustan.

Bullet Orange Piensa estudiar medicina veterinaria.

Bullet Orange Tiene un piercing en el ombligo.

New * Bullet Orange Cambia de humor con facilidad. 

 New * Bullet Orange En su tiempo libre juega videojuegos, especialmente de Nintendo.

 New * Bullet Orange Es versátil.

  New * Bullet Orange Sabe tocar el ukelele.

  New * Bullet Orange Ama escuchar canciones de utaites, en especial de mafumafu y soraru.

my persona and my crush in male ver.

i'll submit a ref of my persona tomorrow
Voy a hacer un grupo de Fan-characters de Marvel 
alguien quiere unirse??

no se si hacerlo bilingüe o no jaja


I'm going to make a Marvel FC group
someone wants to join?

  • Listening to: lo-fi hiphop and chip tune
  • Watching: the screen
  • Drinking: water

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