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The Anjana is one of the best known fairies of Cantabrian mythology. (North of Spain)
They are seen walking through the forest trails, resting on the banks of springs and on the margins of streams which then seem to come alive. They are able to talk with the water that flows from the sources and springs. (from wikipedia)

A friend of mine asked me to draw an anjana and this is the result. HOpe you like it.


La anjana es uno de los personajes más conocidos de la mitología cántabra.

Se las ve paseando por las sendas de los bosques, descansando en las orillas de los veneros y en los márgenes de los arroyos que parecen que cobran vida. Conversan con las aguas que manan de las fuentes y manantiales que es donde vive.

Una amiga me pidió que dibujase una anjana, y aunque he hecho algunos cambios según la descripción, este es el resultado final. Espero que os guste :)

In this illustration I used brushes from Archeleron for the grass, redheadstock for the waterfall [link]
and dave negel for the grass, flowers, ground and forest [link] . Thank you so much!!!!
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Very nice, I can see a few anatomy mistakes, but the scenery is absolutely lovely. Good work! :D
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Thanks for the comment!! :D

Could you tell where are those mistakes?? I want to improve my skills!!! :D :D :D
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You're welcome! XD

And sure, I'd be happy to help. But don't take any of part of this to be truly correct; I'm just pointing out things I think that are wrong. I might be way off. :P

The shoulders are kinda of odd; I think they're slightly too rounded. And the gap between the front arm and torso where the arm connects to the shoulder looks abnormally wide. The chest looks a bit strange too; how do I put this without it being awkward? ^^; I guess the best way to put it is they are kinda just lumped together there, if you get what I mean.

Hope this helped!
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I think that rounded things are part of my style, but I'll try to do it better next time :D. I agree about the gap thing, I didn't notice while I was doing but now you say it is so clear. And yeah, the chest seems weird to me but I was't able to do it better while drawing it :S.

Thanks for all the advices and the watch! :D
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You're welcome! :D And no worries. I like your gallery.
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This is beautiful. Is an anjana usually benevolent or malevolent?
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Benevolent! In most stories, they are the good fairies of Cantabria, generous and protective of all people.
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That's really cool. They're so pretty though, it's usually the opposite in fairy tales.
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