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Pleated Skirt Tutorial

By Aidotcom
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Tutorial Sucks on Ice. D,:

Anyway, I just wanted to add this on, I hope it helps.
: )

I mentioned Taelic's tutorials, I hope they help
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Faving this for future reference :)
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This tutorial really helped. Thanks for posting it :D
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OMG ;-; finally a pleated skirt tutorial I can understand ;-; Thank you. I love you. So much. Want a cyber cookie? Here! Take one! Or two! Or the whole box *makes cyber cookies rain*
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This tutorial saved me. I was fumbling around with my fabric for days before we found this. It helped me so much with a Yuna cosplay. Thank you!
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Thank you for this tutorial! I made a skirt with some help from this. [link] 8DD
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I totally just made a skirt using this tutorial, thankyou for posting it. <3
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wow , great and simple tutorial. cant wait to try it! i always thought making pleats were hard O_O
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I will surely be using this in the near future :)
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i cant wait to use this!!!!!
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thank you this was a very simple tutorial for such a complex thing!
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Awesome! Thank you!
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exactly what i've been looking for, for like... months!
you're god, aren't you?
it's great!
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I had a general idea of how i was going to make the skirt, but i was nice to see it in pictures. We thought exactly the same and since you have already made yours, i know mine will be success XD
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PERFECT! I'm making my own costume for GenCon and I needed this kind of skirt So badly and I suck at sewing.
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wait, but I'm kind of confused about step 4. Could you explain it to me again? I'm a little slow sorry X3
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Thanks for making the tutorial! I have a feeling it'll help a lot :)
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yay! I found how to make a pleated skirt!! :la: it wil be very helpfull~ ^^
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thanks :iconhyperplz: this was soo helpful!
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Ah, thank youuuu!

This is perfect for my sailor costume =D
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see i like that u said to hem first. it is a hella lot harder to do it last. Saddly i'm going to school for fashion design and if i do that first i get marked off. :(

i have a tip for you though. In case you want a zipper, do a side zipper, the skrit stays up better, cut Two seperate pieces for ur pleats, so a front and a back. ^_^ ANd sew them wrong sides out together, AFTER u sew on the Zipper. ^_^

just a tip for you!

this was helpful though. I just learned how to make a gathered skirt, and i was having issues measuring out the pleats to make a pleated ones. ^_^ ^THANKS ^_^ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ^_^
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hey thanks for this ^-^ i needed sumthing like this for my halloween costume
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Thank you! This is going to be so helpful for my street fighter Sakura cosplay :D You are a hero
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You're so wrong. :3 This is the best pleated skirt tutorial I've found all day.
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THANK-YOU FOR THIS! I really needed a simple tute on how to make pleats, and this helped a LOT! NOW- ONWARD TO COSPLAYING!
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